An overview of paper 52—with a few added comments on why the nation is in such disarray and how
and when this confusion is due to end.

   In this report we will discuss the near fatal mistakes made in past ages and how those mistakes
have drastically affected our world cultures, leaving us thousands of years behind the average or
normal worlds, and how presently we are committing the same kind mistakes as previous cultures
have made.
   (Help is forthcoming – we might be approaching the end of an age, but if not, the age will be
modified allowing for additional spiritual personnel to bring aid to the regressing cultures of our
world—in this report we will discuss the ages and epochs that mankind experiences in their
beginnings of human progression through the universes. We have been told that we are at least
one and a half dispensations behind where we should be and approaching the end of the time we
have allotted to bring the age to fruition. Our “so called” politically correct attitudes are virtually
destroying the culture we have painstakingly spent 240 years piecing together. Further reading
should convince one that we are living on a rebellious world and judging from our Congressional
interaction as well as the Legislative/Executive conflicts, one should be able to conclude that our
nation is not exempt from this contemptuous attitude of rebellion. We are no longer the indivisible
nation we had once hoped for, but rather so divided it looks like divine intervention is all that can
piece it back together.
   People talk of compromises in Congress to solve the problems, but just ask yourselves what we
would think of Jesus’ character if he compromised with his detractors. On certain rare occasions
compromise is warranted. Remember Moses’ big compromise when he hoped to put an end to
human sacrifice among the Jews. Moses was not for any sacrifice especially human but he knew that
the Jews were not in a frame of mind to accept the complete abnegation of the concept of
propitiating the Gods through some form of sacrifice, so while he was against it, he nevertheless
convinced the Jews to sacrifice only animals, which they accepted as a viable alternative to humans.
Some compromises in Congress though are just plain silly; it’s like saying to Bloomberg (Mayor of N.
Y. city), OK we’ll go along with your attempts to deny the population of drinking too much fat
producing soda but we’ll only accept 48 ounces as opposed to your 32 ounce proposal, and 40
french-fries instead of 20 per bag as you further proposed. What kind of compromise is that? One is
as stupid as the other.
 Kids can keep fit and trim through exercise, but many schools have cut back on the amount of time
for recess and physical education, something most of my friends excelled at, and then additionally
had the nerve to tell kids to cut back on the soda and French-fries. Perhaps society should have
neighbor monitors to make sure kids are playing outside 2 hours a day instead of fixated on
computer games 3 to 4 hours each day.  It’s really the parent’s responsibility to monitor their
children’s activities.

   The following material from the Urantia revelation is proof that the world is coming apart at the
seams and almost impossible to sew back together. We’re in a Humpty Dumpty world with the Kings
Horses and Men playing pea-knuckle in the halls of Congress. Most Congressmen have simply no
idea where we’ve come from or where we are going. The following is a partial revelatory history of
our planet and starts when mankind is approximately 500,000 years into its history:
   The material below is sponsored by a Mighty Messenger temporarily attached to the staff of
Gabriel. “Mighty Messengers belong to the ascendant group of the Trinitized Sons. They are a class
of perfected mortals who have been rebellion tested or otherwise equally proved as to their
personal loyalty. At some time in their Paradise ascent they stood firm and loyal in the face of the
disloyalty of their superiors. And some did actively and loyally function in the places of such
unfaithful leaders.” (pg. 245)—(all quoted extractions are from the Urantia book.)

   “The bestowal Son is the Prince of Peace. He arrives with the message, “Peace on earth and
good will among men.” On normal worlds this is a dispensation of world-wide peace; the nations no
more learn war. But such salutary influences did not attend the coming of your bestowal Son, Christ
Michael. Urantia is not proceeding in the normal order. Your world is out of step in the planetary
procession. Your Master, when on earth, warned his disciples that his advent would not bring the
usual reign of peace on Urantia. He distinctly told them that there would be “wars and rumors of
wars,” and that nation would rise against nation. At another time he said, “Think not that I have
come to bring peace upon earth.”
   “Even on normal evolutionary worlds the realization of world-wide brotherhood of man is not an
easy accomplishment. On a confused and disordered planet like Urantia such an achievement
requires a much longer time and necessitates far greater effort. Unaided social evolution can hardly
achieve such happy results on a spiritually isolated sphere. Religious revelation is essential to the
realization of brotherhood on Urantia. While Jesus has shown the way to immediate attainment of
spiritual brotherhood, the realization of social brotherhood on your world depends much on the
achievement of the following personal transformations and planetary adjustments:  
1.   Social Fraternity
2.   Intellectual cross-fertilization
3.  Ethical awakening
4.  Political wisdom (…Selfish political sagacity is ultimately suicidal—destructive of all those
enduring qualities which insure planetary group survival.)
5. Spiritual insight”
(We have deleted the accompanying qualifying information to four of these necessary planetary
adjustments for purposes of brevity.)
   “If you could be transplanted from your backward and confused world to some normal planet now
in the postbestowal son age, you would think you had been translated to the heaven of your
traditions. You would hardly believe that you were observing the normal evolutionary workings of a
mortal sphere of human habitation. These worlds are in the spiritual circuits of their realm, and they
enjoy all the advantages of the universe broadcasts and the reflectivity services of the
superuniverse.” (Page 598)
(We have begun this report near the end of paper 52, and will commence to work backwards closer
to the beginning of the paper, selecting a few quotes from each section)

   “With the arrival of the Planetary Prince a new dispensation begins. Government appears on the
earth, and the advanced tribal epoch is attained. Great social strides are made during a few
thousand years of this regime. Under normal conditions mortals attain a high state of civilization
during this age. They do not struggle so long in barbarism as did the Urantia races. But life on an
inhabited world is so changed by rebellion that you can have little or no idea of such a regime on a
normal planet.

   The average length of this dispensation is around five hundred thousand years, some longer,
some shorter. During this era the planet is established in the circuits of the system and a full quota
of seraphic and other celestial helpers is assigned to its administration. The thought Adjusters come
in increasing numbers, and the seraphic guardians amplify their regime of mortal supervision.
   When the planetary Prince arrives on a primitive world, the evolved religion of fear and ignorance
prevails. The prince and his staff make the first revelations of higher truth and universe
organization. These initial presentations of revealed religion are very simple, and they usually
pertain to the affairs of the local system. Religion is wholly an evolutionary process prior to the
arrival of the Planetary Prince. Subsequently, religion progresses by graduated revelation as well as
by evolutionary growth. Each dispensation, each mortal epoch, receives an enlarged presentation
of spiritual truth and religious ethics. The evolution of the religious capacity of receptivity in the
inhabitants of a world largely determines their rate of spiritual advancement and the extent of
religious revelation.
   This dispensation witnesses a spiritual dawn, and the different races and their various tribes tend
to develop specialized systems of religious and philosophic thought. There uniformly run through all
of these racial religions two strains: the early fears of primitive men and the later revelations of the
Planetary Prince. In some respects Urantians do not seem to have wholly emerged from this stage
of planetary evolution. As you pursue this study, you will the more clearly discern how far your world
departs from the average course of evolutionary progress and development.”
   (There is much more to convey of interest to history buffs, and truth seekers alike, however we
are inclined to forego the rest and move on to the post-Adamic man. We can only present a partial
view of each age; anyone interested in learning the true history of our entire planet since its
inception can purchase the Urantia Book. You will learn history that can only be gleaned from a
revelatory source—such as how life came upon the planet; who Adam and Eve really were, where
the garden was located; who Jesus is in the universe and information about scores of entities
residing in the universe and how they operate in the overall scheme of things. This is not channeled
information or the figment of someone’s imagination. Very few people know the actual origin of the
revelation, and as one of them, I’m not telling unless you already own a copy of the book. But I will
say that these entities inhabit a spiritual domain that is very real and have a hard time perceiving
our material buildings even when they are present in the building. Many are beyond evolutionary
status, and some are even scarcely noticed by other beings of the highest spiritual status.  The
following is from a Divine Counselor who has his origin in the in the Trinity whose order is the
counsel of Deity to the realms of the seven superuniverses. (Concerning the Divine Counselors)
“They are not reflective of the divine counsel of the Trinity; they are that counsel. There are twenty-
one billion Counselors in service, and three billion are assigned to each superuniverse… We act as
individuals as I do in inditing this statement, but we also function as a trio whenever the occasion
requires.” (Pg. 216)
(Concerning an Inspired Trinity Spirit from the viewpoint of a Divine Counselor)
   “I will be able to tell you very little concerning the Inspired Trinity Spirits, for they are one of the
few wholly secret orders of beings in existence, secret, no doubt, because it is impossible for them
fully to reveal themselves even to those of us whose origin is so near the source of their creation.
They come into being by the act of the Paradise Trinity and may be utilized by any one or two of the
Deities as well as by all three. We do not know whether these Spirits are of completed numbers or
are constantly increasing, but we incline to the belief that their number is not fixed.
   We fully understand neither the nature nor the conduct of the Spirits. They may possibly belong
to the category of superpersonal spirits. They seem to operate over all known circuits and appear to
act well-nigh independently of time and space. But we know little about them except as we deduce
their character from the nature of their activities, the results of which we certainly observe here and
there in the universe.
   Under certain conditions these Inspired Spirits can individualize themselves sufficiently for
recognition by beings of Trinity origin. I have seen them; but it would never be possible for lower
orders of celestial beings to recognize one of them.” (Pg.219)
   “The Inspired Spirits do not apparently belong to the evolutionary scheme of the individual
planets or universes, and yet seem to be almost everywhere. Even as I am engaged in the
formulation of this statement, my associated Solitary Messenger’s personal sensitivity to the
presence of this order of Spirit indicates that there is with us at this very moment, not over twenty-
five feet away, a Spirit of the Inspired order and of the third volume of power presence. The third
volume of power presence suggests to us the probability that three Inspired Spirits are functioning in
(I have chosen to present this merely to indicate, that of the numerous beings revealed to us
through the revelation, all are know by the higher spiritual entities residing in the universes, but
some are so magnanimous and of high stature that they are almost unknown to equally high beings
who might be functioning in their very presence. I have personally been in the room mentioned
above many times, and feel privileged to know secrets of the building that few, perhaps less than
ten, have been privy to.)

    “When the original impetus of evolutionary life has run its biologic course, when man has
reached the apex of animal development, there arrives the second order of sonship, and the
second dispensation of grace and ministry is inaugurated. This is true on all evolutionary worlds.
When the highest possible level of evolutionary life has been attained, when primitive man has
ascended as far as possible in the biologic scale, a Material Son and Daughter always appear on
the planet, having been dispatched by the System Sovereign.” (Pg. 592)
   “It is the purpose of the Adamic regime to influence evolving man to complete the transit from the
hunter and herder stage of civilization to that of the agriculturist and horticulturist, to be later
supplemented by the appearance of the urban and industrial adjuncts to civilization. Ten thousand
years of this dispensation of biologic uplifters is sufficient to effect a marvelous transformation.
Twenty-five thousand years of such an administration of the conjoint wisdom of the Planetary Prince
and the Material Sons usually ripens the sphere for the advent of a Magisterial Son.
   This age usually witnesses the completion of the elimination of the unfit and the still further
purification of the racial strains; on normal worlds the defective bestial tendencies are very nearly
eliminated from the reproducing stocks of the realm.
   The Adamic progeny never amalgamate with the inferior strains of the evolutionary races. Neither
is it the divine plan for the Planetary Adam or Eve to mate, personally, with the evolutionary peoples.
This race-improvement project is the task of their progeny. But the offspring of the Material Son and
Daughter are mobilized for generations before the racial-amalgamation ministry is inaugurated.
   The result of the gift of the Adamic life plasm to the mortal races is an immediate upstepping of
intellectual capacity and an acceleration of spiritual progress. There is some physical improvement
also. On an average world the post-Adamic dispensation is an age of great invention, energy
control, and mechanical development. This is the era of the appearance of multiform manufacture
and the control of natural forces; it is the golden age of exploration and the final subduing of the
planet. Much of the material progress of a world occurs during this time of the inauguration of the
development of the physical sciences, just such an epoch as Urantia is now experiencing. Your
world is a full dispensation and more behind the average planetary schedule.
   By the end of the Adamic dispensation on a normal planet the races are practically blended, so
that it can be truly proclaimed that “God has made of one blood all the nations,” and that his Son
“has made of one color all peoples.” The color of such an amalgamated race is somewhat of an
olive shade of the violet hue, the racial “white” of the spheres.” (Pg. 593)
   “The post-Adamic epoch is the dispensation of internationalism. With the near completion of the
task of race blending, nationalism wanes and the brotherhood of man really begins to materialize.
Representative government begins to take the place of the monarchial or paternal form of rulership.
The educational system becomes world-wide, and gradually the languages of the races give way to
the tongue of the violet people. Universal peace and co-operation are seldom attained until the
races are fairly well blended, and until they speak a common language.”
(Pg. 594)
   (One can readily perceive that we are far from exhibiting the characteristics of a normal age,
since we have not subdued the planet and are nowhere near a peaceful settlement of world affairs,
and racial amalgamation is not on the immediate horizon—nor do we know very much of the spiritual
orders in the universe. At the time of this revelation in 1934 there were over one billion seraphim in
service on the planet and an equal number of cherubim and sanobim, and this is not counting a
complex variety of other entities—we are not alone in our endeavors; surveillance is all around us
and it is solely for our benefit so as to aid us in our spiritual growth and understanding. And while
ages have no definitive time limits, there are things to be accomplished within a particular age—
things our world hasn’t even begun to consider. We are proceeding in the wrong direction and
unfortunately far behind normal or average planets.
   The Adamic age was cut way short due to the default of Adam and Eve and the magisterial
mission was altered and instead of a succession of Magisterial Sons lasting from 25,000 years to
50,000 years we received a Creator Son (Michael/Jesus) whose tenure was also cut short thus
throwing off our spiritual progress by thousands of years. So, what by now should have been the
beginning of a glorious age has been marred by misfortune setting us back well-over an entire
dispensation of normal progress. (URI)
   “Throughout this epoch there is a gradual lessening of governmental supervision. True self-
government is beginning to function; fewer and fewer restrictive laws are necessary. The military
branches of national resistance are passing away; the era of international harmony is really arriving.
There are many nations, mostly determined by land distribution, but only one race, one language,
and one religion. Mortal affairs are almost, but not quite, utopian. This truly is a great and glorious
age!” (Pg. 597)

   “On normal and loyal planets this age opens with mortal races blended and biologically fit. There
are no race or color problems; literally all nations and races are of one blood. The brotherhood of
man flourishes and the nations are learning to live on earth in peace and tranquility. Such a world
stands on the eve of a great and culminating intellectual development.
   When an evolutionary world becomes thus ripe for the magisterial age, one of the high order of
Avonal Sons makes his appearance on a magisterial mission. The Planetary Prince and the Material
Sons are of local universe origin; the Magisterial Son hails from Paradise.
   When the Paradise Avonals come to the mortal spheres on judicial actions, solely as dispensation
adjudicators, they are never incarnated. But when they come on magisterial missions, at least the
initial one, they are always incarnated, though they do not experience birth, neither do they die the
death of the realm. They may live on for generations in those cases where they remain as rulers on
certain planets. When their missions are concluded, they yield up their planetary lives and return to
their former status of divine sonship.
   Each new dispensation extends the horizon of revealed religion, and the Magisterial Sons extend
the revelation of truth to portray the affairs of the local universe and all its tributaries.
   After the initial visitation of a Magisterial Son the races soon effect their economic liberation. The
daily work required to sustain one’s independence would be represented by two and one-half hours
of your time. It is perfectly safe to liberate such ethical and intelligent mortals. Such refined peoples
well know how to utilize leisure for self-improvement and planetary advancement. This age witnesses
the further purification of the racial stocks by the restriction of reproduction among the less fit and
poorly endowed individuals.
   The political government and social administration of the races continue to improve, self-
government being fairly well established by the end of this age. By self-government we refer to the
highest type of representative government. Such worlds advance and honor only those leaders and
rulers who are most fit to bear social and political responsibilities.
   During the closing ages of this dispensation society begins to return to more simplified forms of
living. The complex nature of an advancing civilization is running its course, and mortals are learning
to live more naturally and effectually. And this trend increases with each succeeding epoch. This is
the age of the flowering of art, music, and higher learning. The physical sciences have already
reached their height of development. The termination of this age, on an ideal world, witnesses the
fullness of a great religious awakening.
   These dispensations of Magisterial sons cover anywhere from twenty five thousand to fifty
thousand years of Urantia time.” (Pgs. 594-595)

   “When a certain standard of intellectual and spiritual development is attained on an inhabited
world, a Paradise bestowal Son always arrives. On normal worlds he does not appear in the flesh
until the races have ascended to the highest levels of intellectual development and ethical
attainment. But on Urantia the bestowal Son, even your own Creator Son, appeared at the close of
the Adamic dispensation, but that is not the usual order of events on the worlds of space.”
   So far in this entire report we have been discussing only our world, Urantia. However, the
universe is populated with thousands of worlds, even billions of inhabited worlds; a superuniverse
contains one hundred thousand local universes with each local universe containing a potential
human population of worlds amounting to ten million worlds with one trillion inhabitable worlds in
each superuniverse; and there seven superuniverses. The aggregation is gigantic, the distances
are gigantic, and the number of beings is beyond our comprehension.
   “When the worlds have become ripe for spiritualization, the bestowal Son arrives These Sons
always belong to the Magisterial or Avonal order except in that case, once in each local universe,
when the Creator Son prepares for his terminal bestowal on some evolutionary world, as occurred
when Michael of Nebadon appeared on Urantia to bestow himself upon your mortal races. Only one
world in near ten million can enjoy such a gift; all other worlds are spiritually advanced by the
bestowal of a Paradise Son of the Avonal order.”
   “The Postbestowal Son age may extend from ten thousand to a hundred thousand years. There
is no arbitrary time allotted to any of these dispensational eras. This is a time of great ethical and
spiritual progress. Under the spiritual influence of these ages, human character undergoes
tremendous transformations and experiences phenomenal development.”
   “During this era the problems of disease and delinquency are virtually solved. Degeneracy has
already been largely eliminated by selective reproduction. Disease has been practically mastered
through the high resistant qualities of the Adamic strains and by the intelligent and world-wide
application of the discoveries of the physical sciences of preceding ages. The average length of life,
during this period, climbs well above the equivalent of three hundred years of Urantia time.” (Pg.

   I may have been wrong in my assessment of the closing of this age, however since many social
milestones have failed to materialize it is quite feasible that we will soon receive a succession of
Avonal Sons followed by the age of Trinity Teacher Sons. Their mission is presented on page 598
and should lend support to the fact that our planet will ultimately end in its utopian destiny of Light
and Life. While we are nowhere ready for Trinity Teacher Sons, we can expect one or all of the
following to arrive in the fairly near future: The Avonals, Melchizedek Son or Sons, the return of
Adam and Eve, and even Jesus (Michael) who has promised to return in the future; only destiny can
determine if we will ever get back on track as concerns our evolutionary path, but don’t ever count
out what the world can accomplish with the guidance of a celestial government. We presently have a
resident Governor General who heads up a council of 24 Jerusem counselors. This Council on the
planet follows closely all salient events unfolding on our world. These events determine our
direction, good or bad (forward or backward), albeit, the higher celestial beings are watching our
every move. The governor general has no actual personal authority in the management of world
affairs except as the representative of the twenty-four counselors. He acts as the co-ordinator of
superhuman administration and is the respected head and universally recognized leader of the
celestial beings functioning on Urantia.
   We are told that even if the planet itself is in peril there is a world awaiting us where those who
qualify can be removed in time to save us from disaster. While our planet continues to experience
an unfolding disastrous scenario setting the stage for a possible economic collapse, we can rest
assured that eventually things will work themselves out for an illustrious future. But don’t take for
granted it will necessarily be in our life-times; intelligent evolution takes time, a lot of time. The
problem today is that progressives want change, immediate change—change devoid of intelligent
plans for the immediate future. Their impetuosity lacks wisdom for they have failed to determine the
awful consequences that result when things affecting the entire population go awry. This impetuosity
can be summed up in the statement: Let’s pass the legislation now, and then all of us can read the
whole thing later when we have time. Who in their right mind is going to read 20,000 pages of one
legislative act; this could only be worse if another 20,000 page act was soon to follow and we were
to read that one after we passed it.
   The insanity of the world may soon do us in, but out of the ashes will arise an age of
enlightenment whereupon we will commence to follow the path intended for our planet, by finally
paying heed to the coming divine guidance. We must remember that our world has been under
quarantine since the outbreak of the Lucifer rebellion and that the attitudes reflected throughout the
world are devoid of the normal spiritual influence of those worlds who maintain contact with spiritual
beings; and this contact may be sooner than we think, but no one can predict exactly when that will
   When Adam and Eve appeared on the planet they were expected; the garden had been in
preparation for 83 years, three generations had passed before they appeared and many had died
or lost interest prior to their arrival. (Pg. 821) When Machiventa Melchizedek appeared it was to
everyone’s surprise, having appeared in a Chaldean tent some 2,000 years before Christ for the
purpose of re-establishing the concept of a monotheistic Deity on the planet before Jesus could
incarnate. (Pg. 1014) And of course the visit by Gabriel to Mary and Elizabeth to inform them of their
pregnancies and the names they were to give their sons was a complete surprise to both. Some
events happen suddenly but due to error and immaturity on the lower human and semi-spirit levels
things don’t always work out as intended. The Lucifer rebellion set mankind out of the normal
pattern of progression and the Adamic default further set the normal planetary progression back
thousands of years. And the early departure of our Creator Son certainly didn’t help things either.
   The good news is, that after some further deterioration in the socio/economic structures of the
world, we will eventually rebound and hopefully this time, get back on track. If we can pay attention
to the wisdom presented in the Urantia book there is a very good chance of a coming spiritual
  Encouraging you to purchase the book doesn’t benefit me one iota, and I wouldn’t mention it if I
didn’t think, as clear thinkers, you wouldn’t soon figure out like the rest of us, that it’s the most
valuable book on the planet. It will open your eyes to things one can only receive through
revelation—things, events, personalities, science, religion, and an historical account of not only our
world but the universe at large, all lost to posterity and irretrievable except through revelation .
Nothing short of a baseball bat is needed to knock sense into some people—don’t make me come
out there, that is unless it’s a Spartan get-together! I don’t need any batting practice.  

Dick Ziglar,
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