The original Declaration of Trust created in 1950.
Declaration of Trust - 1950 -- Urantia Foundation
Declaration of Trust
Urantia Readers International

A write-up of the history of the Urantia movement.
A History of the Urantia Movement -- William Sadler
A History of the Urantia Movement
64 Unique Urantia Concepts
Dr. Sadler's Background
Urantia Book Materialization
A brief write-up on the background of Dr. William Sadler
Dr. Sadler's Background
Unique and first concepts found in the Urantia Book
64 Original Urantia Book Concepts -- Dr. William Sadler
Answers questions on how the Urantia Book originated.
The Urantia Papers' Origin   -   William S. Sadler Jr.
Derivation of Concepts
Derivation of the Highest Human Concepts in the Urantia Book - Indited by  A
Divine Counselor, Melchizedek, Planetary midwayer.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
President's Report 1995-1964
First Triennial Delegate Assembly - E.L. Christensen "Christy"