A recent talk quoted the following from page 1268 in the Urantia Book where it states: “If
man recognized that his Creators – his immediate supervisors – while being divine were
also finite and that the God of time and space was an evolving and nonabsolute Deity,
then would the temporal inequalities cease to be profound religious paradoxes”. Now,
while the quote appeared to me to be innocuous and self explanatory, some people
seemed to express confusion with respect to our Creator’s finite nature. Therefore, as a
response to a challenge regarding the nature of subordinate Deities being finite in their
present operational functions within their respective universes, I present the following
definitive statements to amplify and clarify the preinfinite and subordinate status of our
local creators. I have compiled these selected excerpts for those few readers who have yet
to realize that the Corps of Supreme Creators, the last three personages of God the
Sevenfold, are indeed finite with only a possible potential (unrevealed) of partiality of
infinity status in the distant future.

The Finite Appearance

1158-5 With the appearance of relative and qualified reality there comes into being a new
cycle of reality – the growth cycle – a majestic downsweep from the heights of infinity to
the domain of the finite, forever swinging inward to Paradise and Deity, always seeking
those high destinies commensurate with an infinity source.

1158-6 These inconceivable transactions mark the beginning of universe history, mark the
coming into existence of time itself. To a creature, the beginning of the finite is the genesis
of reality; as viewed by creature mind, there is no actuality conceivable prior to the finite.
This newly appearing finite reality exists in two original phases: 1. Primary maximums, the
supremely perfect reality, the Havona type of universe and creature. 2. Secondary
maximums, the supremely perfected reality, the superuniverse type of creature and
creation. These , then, are the two original manifestations: the constitutively perfect and
the evolutionally perfected. The two are co-ordinate in eternity relationships, but within the
limits of time they are seemingly different. A time factor means growth; hence those that
are growing must appear as incomplete in time. But these differences, which are so
important this side of Paradise, are nonexistent in eternity.

1159-4 The creature repercussion to finite reality promulgation resulted in the appearance
of perfect beings on the order of the eternal inhabitants of Havona and of perfected
evolutionary ascenders from the seven superuniverses.

1268-2 When viewing the exquisitely perfect spheres of Havona it is both reasonable and
logical to believe they were made by a perfect, infinite, and absolute Creator. But that
same reason and logic would compel any honest being, when viewing the turmoil,
imperfections, and inequities of Urantia, to conclude that your world had been made by,
and was being managed by, Creators who were subabsolute, preinfinite, and other than

1269-7 Unqualified Paradise Deity is incomprehensible to the evolving creatures of time
and space. Eternity and infinity connote a level of Deity reality which time-space creatures
cannot comprehend. Infinity of Deity and absoluteness of sovereignty are inherent in the
Paradise Trinity, and the Trinity is a reality which lies somewhat beyond the understanding
of mortal man. Time-space creatures must have origins, relativities, and destinies in order
to grasp universe relationships and to understand the meaning values of divinity.
Therefore does Paradise Deity attenuate and otherwise qualify the extra-Paradise
personalizations of divinity, the bringing into existence the Supreme Creators and their
associates, who ever carry the light of life farther and farther from its Paradise source until
it finds its most distant and beautiful expression in the earth lives of the bestowal Sons of
the evolutionary worlds.

1270-2 And this is the origin of God the Sevenfold, whose successive levels are
encountered by mortal man in the following order: 1. Creator Sons, 2. Ancients of Days, 3.
Seven Master Spirits, 4. Supreme Being, 5. Conjoint Actor, 6. Eternal Son, 7. Universal
Father. The first three successive levels are the Supreme Creators; the last three levels
are the Paradise Deities. The Supreme ever intervenes as the experiential spirit
personalization of the Paradise Trinity and as the experiential focus of the evolutionary
almighty power of the creator children of the Paradise Deities. The Supreme Being is the
maximum revelation of Deity to the seven superuniverses and for the present universe

By the technique of mortal logic it might be inferred that the experiential reunification of the
collective acts of the first three levels of God the Sevenfold would equivalate to the level of
Paradise Deity, but such is not the case. Paradise Deity is existential Deity. (Infinite
reality). The Supreme Creators, in their divine unity of power and personality, are
constitutive and expressive of a new power potential of experiential Deity. (Finite reality)

1283-2 The Supreme apparently cannot initiate original causation but appears to be the
catalyzer of all universe growth and is seemingly destined to provide totality culmination as
regards the destiny of all experiential – evolutionary beings. The Father originates the
concept of a finite cosmos; the Creator Sons factualize this idea in time and space with the
consent and cooperation of the Creative Spirits; the Supreme culminates the total finite
and establishes its relationship with the destiny of the absonite.

1283-3 God the Supreme is the finite Deity, and He must cope with the problems of the
finite the total sense of that word.

241-5 No one may with finality of authority presume to discuss the natures or the destinies
of the sevenfold Master Sovereigns of the local universes; nevertheless, we all speculate
much regarding these matters. We are taught, and we believe, that each Paradise Michael
is the Absolute of the dual deity concepts of his origin; thus he embodies actual phases of
the infinity of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. The Michaels must be partial in
relation to total infinity, but they are probably absolute in relation to that part of infinity
concerned in their origin. But as we observe their work in the present universe age, we
detect no action that is more than finite; any conjectured superfinite capacities must be
self-contained and as yet unrevealed.

The completion of the creature – bestowal careers and the elevation to supreme universe
sovereignty must signify the completed liberation of a Michael’s finite – action capacities
accompanied by the appearance of capacity for more-than–finite service. For in this
connection we note that such Master Sons are then restricted in the production of new
types of creature beings, a restriction undoubtedly made necessary by the liberation of
their superfinite potentialities.

It is highly probable that these undisclosed creator powers will remain self-contained
throughout the present age. But sometime in the far-distant future, in the now mobilizing
universes of outer space, we believe that the liaison between a sevenfold Master Son and
a seventh-stage Creative Spirit may attain to absonite levels of service attended by the
appearance of new things, meanings and values on transcendental levels of ultimate
universe significance.

Just as the Deity of the Supreme is actualizing by virtue of experiential service, so are the
Creator Sons achieving the personal realization of the Paradise-divinity potentials bound
up in their unfathomable natures. When on Urantia, Christ Michael once said, “I am the
way, truth, and the life,” ever blazing the path for all universe personalities as it leads from
supreme divinity through ultimate absonity to eternal Deity finality.

By way of further elaboration I’ll call the readers attention to page 2 of the forward of the
Urantia book which defines the three reality levels: finite, absonite and absolute. The
absolute is characterized by entities who are beginningless, endless, timeless and
spaceless (there are only seven absolutes). The absonite level of reality is characterized
by things and beings without beginnings or endings and by the transcendence of time and
space. The finite level is characterized by creature (created) life and time-space
limitations. Creator Sons have a beginning (an origin in time – a creation of the Universal
Father and the Eternal Son). While the Creator Sons can function both on Paradise and in
Havona they are neither absolute nor absonite, at least for the remainder of this universe
age. Any pre-absolute potential is at present self contained.

I hope I have provided the reader with some idea of an awareness of the present and
potential functioning levels of certain subordinate universe personalities. God the
Supreme has a spirit personality presence in Havona and gains power in the universes
primarily through the experiences of the last three descending levels of God the
Sevenfold. This amalgamation is alluded to throughout the book as power-personality
synthesis (def. pg. 1164-5), the unification of spirit personality with evolutionary power.
This evolutionary God (the Supreme Being) is a finite Deity explained under the caption
“The Finite God”, on page 1283. This finite evolving God is the highest source of Deity to
be comprehended by human beings. The greatest understanding of the Universal Father
that mortals can comprehend is obtained through an awareness of the personality
attributes of the Universe Creator Sons, who like the Supreme are currently finite

The scope and intent of this paper was to provide insight and clarity to the following seven
points concerning the finiteness of the Creator Sons and their associate corps of creator

1. The first universe age (Havona) is eternal and initially inhabited by existential (absonite)
beings. (Above the finite and below the absolute).
2. The second age, the age of evolution, is limited, but also comprised of eternal and
potentially eternal beings (mortals for example).
3. Our Creators – immediate supervisors – while being divine are also finite, and that the
God of time and space (Supreme Being) is an evolving and nonabsolute Deity. (Pg. 1268-
4. In the present universal age there is no activity discernable on the part of the Creator
Sons above the finite level of reality. (Pg. 242-0)
5. Any conjectured suprerfinite capacity of the Creator Sons must be self-contained and
as yet unrevealed. (Pg. 242-0)
6. In the far-distant future (outer space level functioning) it is conjectured that the creator
sons might attain to absonite levels of service. (Pg. 242-2)
7. The finite reality consists in two original phases: 1. Primary maximums (perfect type of
creature) and 2. Secondary maximums (perfected type of creature). (Pg. 1158-6)