The UB (1955 copyright) quote below fortold what science has just discovered (google the March
2011 Jennifer Viegas article below the UB quote--).

61:3.6  The huge elephants of this and subsequent periods possessed large brains as well as
large bodies, and they soon overran the entire world except Australia. For once the world was
dominated by a huge animal with a brain sufficiently large to enable it to carry on. Confronted by
the highly intelligent life of these ages, no animal the size of an elephant could have survived
unless it had possessed a brain of large size and superior quality. In intelligence and adaptation
the elephant is approached only by the horse and is surpassed only by man himself. Even so, of
the fifty species of elephants in existence at the opening of this period, only two have survived.

Elephants Outwit Humans During Intelligence Test
These pachyderm problem-solvers are among the world's most cognitively advanced animals.