Here is another amazing revelation found in the Urantia book revealed in 1934 that has just come to the
attention of scientists in the 21st century--2013 to be exact. Until recently it has been considered one of
the deep mysteries of space mentioned on page 72 of the above scientific journal, but can be found in
the Urantia book on pages 152-153.

In the last two years science has discovered no less than a dozen new findings that were unknown to
science until the years 2010 to 2013, but mentioned in detail in the Urantia book in 1934. In reference to
the dark gravity bodies which surround the central universe, unknown to science and incapable of being
seen by any evolutionary world due to the nature of the gravity bodies which completely blocks out its
discovery by any physical apparatus in any universe.

A little known fact is the reality of a non-evolutionary universe at the center of all of our universes which
contains one billion worlds, each entirely different from any other. These are elaborated on in detailed
pages 153 to 163 inclusive of life on these worlds of absolute perfection. We are told that nothing on
these worlds concerning the routine of its inhabitants is comprehensible to humans on our world--nothing.

What some people don't appear to comprehend is that the material in the Urantia book is not just 80
years ahead of its time but rather hundreds of years.
The revelation is to last for 1,000 years, and one will only realize this when they get into the book.

From "What is dark matter", page 72, Sky & Telescope's Astronomy's 60 Greatest Mysteries, 2013:
"Dark matter has normal gravitational interactions, but does not emit, absorb, or reflect light---"

From The Urantia Book (copyright 1955)
14:1.14   On the outskirts of this vast central universe, far out beyond the seventh belt of Havona worlds,
there swirl an unbelievable number of enormous dark gravity bodies. These multitudinous dark masses
are quite unlike other space bodies in many particulars; even in form they are very different. These dark
gravity bodies neither reflect nor absorb light; they are nonreactive to physical-energy light, and they so
completely encircle and enshroud Havona as to hide it from the view of even near-by inhabited universes
of time and space.