With only marginal perspicacity one can readily discern a planetary contrarian especially if you are
married to one or one exists within the family unit. Though  contrarians abound within the entire social
spectrum, having seemingly descended from the outer-realms, and being the annoying creatures they
are, they live and die among the general population walking about undistinguished and  often
unnoticed until they open their mouths. It’s not a row of long pointed teeth that grabs one’s attention,
but rather the words that come out of their mouths - in general, a diatribe of opposition to anything
pertinent to a rational discussion. They are so predisposed to a contrary position in any conversation
that one might logically attribute it to an exposure to some unseen atmospheric radiation affecting a
portion of their genetic structure, or perhaps to some subliminal messages received during their sleep
emanating from the planet Contrarius, (a planet that must be somewhere near us in the universe), or
maybe even a UFO overhead. Whatever their source of origin, contrarians are among a personality
type defined as oppositional personalities that almost inherently, and for no apparent reason, attack
any reasonable argument with a counter point of view that usually has little or no relevancy directed
towards the conversation - sort of like aiming at the barn and shooting your foot - the kind that “talk
just to hear themselves talk”. They are seldom on the same page with anyone of sound reasoning
capacity, often appearing to delight in off-beat remarks for their contribution to a conversation.

Contrarians (there does exist a psychological syndrome involving oppositional personalities) are so
pre-programmed towards opposition that one might surmise that God provided them with an invisible
gene that causes them to run in a counter direction in all conversations just to teach the reasonable
people tolerance. My patience wears thin when I hear things like, “I wrote my own Urantia book leaving
out several irrelevant chapters to make it more understandable to the average reader”.  These people
have been predisposed to upset the apple cart whenever possible. They should be immediately
reported to the contrarian police and sent back to the factory for reprogramming (a line from “Midnight
Express). I am pretty sure my computer on certain occasions is more rational than these reprobates.
The problem is they are running amuck throughout world societies in possession of fairly normal IQ’s,
although one has to question this fact from time to time due to their outrageous mind-sets (used here
to imply mental conditions involving erroneous interpretations of cause-effect relationships - termed
Paralogical distortions) that  rational people usually find disturbing. Logic and reason are invasive to
their conversational positions from which they impulsively derive pleasure by responding in half-wit
fashion by redirecting logical conversational outcomes to their distorted perceptions of reality. In other
words they try to convince others to accept their convoluted point of view, even when they are so far
off base the umpire has lost them in his field of vision.

These distortions are a common experience within all social orders throughout history; dating back to
the times of the descendents of the first humans. Fallacious causal relationships are mentioned on
page 722 of The U. book, but this by no means is the only reference. Any religious or social order that
invents a God for the expediency of social living is guilty of a causal interpretation which may or may
not be delusional. All the Greek and Roman and Scandinavian Gods are a prime example. A God was
fabricated for every occasion. Gods for love, war, weather elements, power, etc. Apollo, Zeus,Titan
and Thor - to name a few.