Most Americans living today in any civilized community can look out a window and see the
wonders of nature, the beauty of the asymmetric world of flora and fauna that surrounds our
cities. Everywhere things appear orderly and under control, all within the harmonious
balance of nature. Birds flit about, animals play in the yards, and cats roam the alleys; the
social order appears consistent with buses running on time, schools open and operating
with children at play, grocery stores stocked with merchandise, newspapers delivered on
time and radio and television programs right on schedule; so what's the problem. In general
there seems to be the normal ebb and flow of the usual orderly conduct of daily social
events, but all is not well at all. One has just to turn on the television or read the headlines
in the local paper to recognize things are drastically out of kilter. In fact, nothing appears
orderly, rather dysfunction and disorder seems to be the order of the day. Aggregations of
people around the globe are at odds with one another to the extent that a genuine malaise
and discomfort now  pervades all civilized societies. Confusion and uncertainty prevails and
extends beyond the ordinary rank and file citizen; indeed to every conscientious leader of
the free world there is an alarming concern about the future. For the first time in human
history the average citizens of the western world are in great jeopardy, jeopardy of
experiencing a declining culture whose very existence is at stake. Cultures within the
country and abroad are running amok, devoid of direction and wise leadership. Worldwide
strife today is the cause of unprecedented concern among discerning citizens.

We will come to the nuclear threat in a moment, but on the local front I wish to address a
problem that should be of great concern to all of us – the gangs of the world, from the
Taliban to those in your neighborhood.  Animalistic Latin gangs threaten not just their own
communities, but are well entrenched in the civilized communities, threatening to terrorize
the local neighborhoods. Gangs (MS-13 and F-18) now in 30 states of the union have
expanded to Spain, Italy and Central and South America. Last year the deportees back to El
Salvador from Los Angeles murdered 13000 citizens in that Latin city alone. They got their
start in Los Angeles because they couldn't assimilate with the population, and now control
sections of L.A. the way the mafia controlled sections of New York a decade ago. All street
vendors in their area of control must yield 50% of their profits to the territorial gang or forfeit
staying in business. Impressionable youths often join in as members of the gangs in their
pre-teen years and by the age of 21 have been found to have murdered as many as 20
people. They often beat and decapitate their victims. Cities are virtually under siege by
gangs running amok, and incapable, under present law, of being controlled by local police
forces. The MS-13 is presently the worlds most dangerous gang with a membership
comprising over 100,000 worldwide. From a small gang in Los Angeles it has mutated into
an international menace.

The intelligent solution would be to outlaw all street gangs. Any affiliation with a known gang
member would constitute a crime. As is happening on our neighboring planet all gang
members would be transported to a work farm for a specified duration a time. Refusing to
work on a self sustaining agricultural farm would constitute a capital offense. But whether or
not future societies deem it inappropriate to initiate the death penalty for striking  gang
members at the very least the street gangsters should never be allowed back into the
general population until thoroughly rehabilitated.

The Urantia book mentions in no uncertain terms that the degenerate strains of humanity
have to be brought under control, with the implication being either sterilization or
extermination. Something society has only agreed upon in the most severe cases (Jeffery
Dahlmer, John Wayne Gacey, Ted Bundy,etc). These only comprise the severely criminally
deranged. Society has not removed the above from eternity survival – that is left up to the
Ancient of Days. There is however a provisional status, even in eternity, for borderline
individuals to enter the next set of worlds. The Urantia book although does clearly state that
it is a false sentiment to preserve the lives of such degenerates.