Astonishing Astronomy

Ultra Deep Field
Here is what happened when professional astronomers pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at
absolutely nothing and left it there, first for 10 days, and then for 11 days. Then they made the
images into a 3-D presentation. Hang on to your seat! By the way, 13 billion light years are
about equal to 880,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (880 sextillion) miles. Be sure you have your
sound on.

After reading this commentary, please view the film above  to give you some idea as to the
magnitude of space. The immensity of space is beyond meaningful human comprehension. We
can comprehend the NUMBER 13 billion lightyears, (traveling for13 billion years at the speed of
light), but what meaning does that really have for us. We can calculate traveling at 65 miles an
hour for two hours meaning we will arrive at our destination in two hours and have traveled a
distance of 130 miles. With a calculator we can determine, as Dave has calculated below, the
number of miles we travel in 13 billion years at the speed of light, but the number of miles itself
is incomprehensible. Yet, to many of the entities mentioned in the revelation the calculation of
this number of distance and speed is about the same as us calculating the 130 miles.

This of course is astounding information, something difficult for human minds to process.
Certainly the number of planets within these galaxies would be impossible to process
meaningfully. These newly discovered galaxies are in the remote stretches of outer space.,
considered to be near and perhaps beyond the periphery of the Grand Universe that is now
inhabitable and presently harboring human life.

I have quoted this before, actually several times, and I will quote it again to inform readers of
just one of the predictions relative to astronomy that is contained in the Urantia revelation. On
page 130 (last paragraph) it states: "In the not-distant future, new telescopes will reveal to the
wondering gaze of Urantian astronomers no less than 375 million new galaxies in the remote
stretches of outer space. At the same time these more powerful telescopes will disclose that
many island universes formerly believed to be in outer space are really a part of the galactic
system of Orvonton. The seven superuniverses are still growing; the periphery of each is
gradually expanding; new nebulae are constantly being stabilized and organized; and some of
the nebulae which Urantian astronomers regard as extragalactic are actually on the fringe of
Orvonton and are traveling along with us."

This information came to us in written form in 1934 as a paragraph within a 2100 page
revelation--well worth reading if one wants to know where today's society is headed, and what
the future holds for us.

It goes on to say a lot more about the universe commenting on: Universal gravity, space and
motion, space and time, universal over-control, etc. But the last paragraph in this particular
section goes on to say: "Throughout Orvonton it is believed that a new type of creation is in
process, an order of universes destined to become the scene of the activities of the assembling
Corps of the Finality; and if our conjectures are correct, then the endless future may hold for all
of you the same enthralling spectacles that the endless past has held for your seniors and

Dick Ziglar

is a good time to be humbled…