Dear URI Members,                                                                                          April 2007

Spring is full upon us, but here and elsewhere one would hardy know it. Here in North Carolina half the spring
blooming trees and plants have gone dormant - it’s beginning to look like autumn. Many of the leaves have already
turned brown and have fallen to the ground. Three nights of below freezing temperature has caused a weather
phenomenon to reverse the conditions of spring. Hope it’s better where you are. So much for the southern weather

This month we have added several members to our staff to lessen the burden of activity upon the active members of
the staff, namely Peter, who has been carrying most of the burden until recently. Peter will be hibernating for a while
allowing Patty DeCambra to assume the duties of the web-master by taking over most of Peter’s responsibilities.
Peter contributed immeasurably to the success of the website, ranking us among the top 20 sites out of about 400.
On the site we have added a frequently asked question column as well as a section for artists. Anyone with Urantia
related artwork is invited to submit their works to Patty. Also if anyone wants a picture displayed of their reading
group, associate readers, Urantia activities, etc., you can also send them to Patty. Anyone wishing to contribute to
the forum articles or essay page submit your papers to Patty.

We now have a more involved and viable staff as a result of some old timers signing on to alleviate the pressures
incurred within the smaller, yet dedicated staff. We have old friends, several of which have been past presidents of
local associations affiliated with the Foundation who are now on board as ancillary personnel.

We have also completed our work on establishing a constitution which now definitively elicits guidelines for ongoing
operational procedures. And we again have re-established our charitable tax free status, making any donations to
the URI a tax exemption.

The newly formed Governing Board for the year is comprised of the following: President - Dick Ziglar; 1st vice
president - Dave Mantz; 2nd vice president - Bruce Thomas; treasurer - Baker Jordan; Secretary - Dr. Janette
Francis. Committee chairmen and auxiliary directors: Website - Patty DeCambra; book placement - Dennis Kidwell;
membership - Dick Ziglar. Additionally we have 10 members who are serving as staff in order to answer questions
and who serve as historians to the organization. They will be mentioned in a forthcoming update.

Please take note that the annual barbeque on may 19th will be postponed until sometime in June. Check with Patty
for the date.

We all look forward to the expansion of the revelation throughout the world - “if there is any book that can significantly
change this world spiritually, it’s the Urantia Book” (Paul Herrick - reader since 1962) Profound changes are in store
for the planet - it has to be that way or we will certainly destroy ourselves. The following says it all: “Unless the moral
insight and the spiritual attainment of mankind are proportionately augmented, the unlimited advancement of a
purely materialistic culture may eventually become a menace to civilization. A purely materialistic science harbors
within itself the potential seed of the destruction of all scientific striving, for this very attitude presages the ultimate
collapse of a civilization which has abandoned its sense of moral values and has repudiated its spiritual goal of
attainment.” (Pg. 1457 - UB) The glaring implication here is that we can self destruct, that we must incorporate
spiritual values into the core of our civilization to maintain that essence of balance necessary for self preservation -
the preservation of our very civilization based on the intelligent proportion of materiality with spirituality.

How has  the world become so spiritually blind? Is the culture beginning to recognize transcendental values or are
we still slaves to traditional authorities of the past? - (Something that has to be assessed from generation to
generation.) “The spiritually blind individual who logically follows scientific dictation, social usage, and religious
dogma stands in grave danger of sacrificing his moral freedom and losing his spiritual liberty. Such a soul is
destined to become an intellectual parrot, a social automaton, and a slave to religious authority.” (1458) Are we, for
lack of spiritual understanding, on the road to social collapse? It wasn’t very long ago where the only road of
concern was the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby/Dorothy Lamour light hearted movie comedies The Road to Morocco, The
Road to Singapore - Bali, Hong Kong, Rio, etc. But in today’s world, to the spiritually sensitive, the world spiritual
situation seems more like the road to despair, the road to oblivion, or the road to collapse. Whether we climb
aboard our horse drawn buggy or jump into our Lamborghini we should be heading for the road to spirituality, and
we best find that road through a study of our Saviors teachings.

Are we to be the universe’s example of a planet that was so promiscuously bent on selfish gratification that we
allowed the human ego to permissively tailor our ideas of God to satisfy our collective animal consciousness of
what we thought He should be, and forever remain fixated at that primitive level? Have we established lines of
communication through mortal hierarchies that so hold us to the past that we still believe in these mortal ties to an
external reality so distant from us that we have become independently incapable of Divine recognition, and remain
solely dependent on their (priestly) moral interpretation as our only direction to the path of God consciousness? Or
are we beginning to grasp a new link, a process of hierarchical escape to a link within (Adjuster consciousness), to
an age of true enlightenment where we are just beginning to realize the truth that lies within each and every one of
us - our Divine Monitors - where moral decisions making is a refined process to be worked out in each and every
soul, each and every day. Maybe someday we will be able to say -  yes, that planet Urantia was once a part of our
history, but we did learn and benefit from our Sovereign’s appearance and we did turn that world around, and
through His leading and the guidance of our Thought Adjusters, we were eventually able to fashion a God in
alignment with the spiritual realities of our universe. And we did succeed in emerging from self centered religious
barbarism to God centeredness and harmony with the higher spiritual forces residing in this universe. And what
facilitated this most, in our day, was the appearance of the 5th epochal revelation and its preservation through many
years, just as it was originally presented. For it to be otherwise would represent the quintessential insult to all that
Michael represented while here on earth. To contaminate this revelation would be criminal.

The midwayers chronicled every salient event in the life of Jesus, then in 1934 petitioned to put this archival
information into the Urantia Book, and were granted that authority to proceed unhindered,  but even now, this very
day, the world’s fastest growing religion (Islam) is laying claim to the highest spiritual position on the planet, yet
their teachings are both infantile and irreconcilable to the teachings of our Creator Son. Will it be the legacy of His
final bestowal to allow anything less than His teachings to govern our spiritual lives? I surely hope not. It’s time to
get the messages out to the world at large - Jesus lives and is now sovereign over all that we will experience for
thousands of years to come. If worldwide fraternal dysfunction persists it becomes imperative that we spread our
revelation to all that are wiling to receive it.  

“Goodness is always growing toward new levels of the increasing liberty of moral self-realization and spiritual
personality attainment--the discovery of, and identification with, the indwelling adjuster. An experience is good when
it heightens the appreciation of beauty, augments the moral will, enhances the discernment of truth, enlarges the
capacity to love and serve one’s fellows, exalts the spiritual ideals, and unifies the supreme human motives of time
with the eternal plans of the indwelling Adjuster, all of which lead directly to an increased desire to do the Father’s
will, thereby fostering the divine passion to find God and to be more like him.” (Pg. 1458)

Let us all follow the dictates of our own higher reasoning and tune into the revelation on a daily basis. We don’t
need a prayer rug, spinning wheel, a cave to meditate in, a church pew, alter, prayer beads, begging bowels,
yamikas or the like. -  what we do need is an understanding of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man,
and all that is related thereto.

Let’s enjoy life to the fullest and give thanks that we are here to experience it, and are able to grow in that experience.

Dick Ziglar for the URI staff.