ADMINISTRATIVE SERAPHIM (#4 Quickeners of Morality-Pg. 435))

 While researching the “Seraphic Hosts” (paper 39) for our third part on “We Are Not Alone”, I
came across something that I felt might interest a few non-Urantian readers since it relates to all of
us, and since this third part contains information on 49 different groups of seraphim who dedicate
much of their time towards helping mortals, it would take up too much space in the 3rd report, so
we will present all five paragraphs on these specific angels in one report isolating them from the
rest of the 48 angelic groups. This entire report will be presented in quotes as presented in the
Urantia book.
    The fourth group of Administrative angels is called the quickeners of morality.             “On the
mansion worlds (the next set of worlds for mortals in the after-life) you begin to learn self-
government for the benefit of all concerned. Your mind learns co-operation, learns how to plan
with other and wiser beings. On the system headquarters the seraphic teachers will further
quicken your appreciation of cosmic morality—of the interactions of liberty and loyalty.     
   What is loyalty? It is the fruit of an intelligent appreciation of universe brotherhood; one could
not take so much and give nothing. As you ascend the personality scale, first you learn to be loyal,
then to love, then to be filial, and then may you be free; but not until you are a finaliter, not until
you have attained perfection of loyalty, can you self-realize finality of liberty.
   These seraphim teach the fruitfulness of patience: That stagnation is certain death, but
overrapic growth is equally suicidal; that as a drop of water from a higher level falls to a lower and,
flowing onward, passes ever downward through a succession of short falls, so ever upward is
progress in the morontia and spirit worlds—and just as slowly and by just such gradual stages.
   To the inhabited worlds the quickeners of morality portray mortal life as an unbroken chain of
many links. Your short sojourn on Urantia, on this sphere of mortal infancy, is only a single link, the
very first in the long chain that is to stretch across universes and through the eternal ages. It is not
so much what you learn in this first life; it is the experience of living this life that is important. Even
the work of this world, paramount though it is, is not nearly so important as the way in which you do
this work. There is no material reward for righteous living, but there is profound satisfaction—
consciousness of achievement—and this transcends any conceivable material reward.
   The keys of the kingdom of heaven are: sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity. All men
have these keys. Men use them—advance in spirit status—by decisions, by more decisions, and
by more decisions. The highest moral choice is the choice of the highest possible value, and
always—in any sphere, in all of them—this is to choose to do the will of God. If man thus chooses,
he is great though he be the humblest citizen of Jerusem or even the least of mortals on Urantia.”
   Now what stood out in this expatiation of the quickeners of morality, at least to my thinking, was
the paragraph on loyalty. The order of mortality comprises a sonship with the Father—God. And
within that order we have a brotherhood of humanity; mortals are related to one another in the
sense that we are all born of parents on our worlds of nativity, and through the maturational
process develop a sense to loyalty to our parents as our parents do to their progeny. However,
there is a loyalty that evolves in higher civilizations to the individual races and on to the human
race in general, and then on to all beings in the universe. On a world such as ours it is sometimes
difficult to conceive of any kind of loyalty to all other mortals due to the extreme variation in human
conduct and behavioral trends of psychologically different exhibitions of human interactions. We
even have tendencies to hate one another on unadvanced worlds, hence the presence of wars
continuing for generation after generation. It therefore inhibits further understanding of how one is
to recognize a common brotherhood that should prevail among all human beings—something that
destroys a loyalty to the group as that loyalty exists in the spiritual world of spirit beings.
   We have what is easily perceivable in today’s world as what can be called the wayward brother—
inveterate criminals, serial killers, backward thinkers (Muslims, etc.), egocentrics that live primarily
for wealth or power over others, and often within these groups are brothers who are beyond any
form of rehabilitation and who have little grasp of the inter-relationship of humans, let alone of
angels and the higher order of beings who subserve the Gods. Many of these wayward brothers
appear not to be destined for eternity survival, even though as in the case of atheists who deny
the existence of God, and Muslims who think they are the only ones able to survive, and that all
others should be killed if they fail to conform to the backward tenets of a religion devised by a
madman—it’s about time to reassess their concepts as to what constitutes a real religion, and the
consequences of their behaviors if they turn out to be wrong in their acquired philosophies of life.
   Our world is filled with people who have learned to hate one another, as opposed to the
teaching of Jesus to love one another. The Charles Manson’s of the world make it difficult for
myself and friends to comprehend the fact that he is a brother within the order of humanity, that is
unless, speaking personally, I reclassify them in a category of wayward brothers/sisters. Certainly
the nexus of irreligious individuals fail to comprehend the filial state required for ultimate human
perfection as taught by the quickeners of morality.
   The corps of finality, by the way, is a special corps comprised of advanced, one time, human
beings ascending throughout the universes that attain a status of spiritual perfection and are
inducted into the corps. They may further be inducted into one of three higher corps depending on
qualifications (Those Without Name and Number, Those High in Authority, and the Mighty
Messenger Corps); some of which have contributed to this revelation.