About Us
The Urantia Readers-International organization is a world-wide non-profit group focused
on the Urantia revelation and the original Declaration of Trust given along with the Urantia
Book to progress the Urantia teachings throughout the many decades and even centuries
it will take to share around the world.

We maintain the direction of the original Urantia Brotherhood of 1955 and its modern
approach to the service of Urantia readers and its simplicity of organization as a reflection
of the current and future spiritual interaction between people - as we progress to a future
state of light and life on earth. Our group is for those dedicated individuals who recognize
the many issues within the human experience and have the desire to maintain focus in
living and revealing the full potential of the current revelation given to our planet.

It is up to each individual to use his or her own ability of discernment and reason, and in
doing so recognize both the truth in the Urantia Book and the multi-faceted difficulties
within our human nature and our modern societies. The Urantia Readers-International
comprises of those persons who use these faculties, and as such, share a common
ground for cultivating a worldwide group of individuals to live and spread the Urantia
revelation honestly and sincerely.

We hope you recognize the quality of our organization and the dedication of those involved
in our family of like-minded individuals. We try to cater to persons of all cultures and
mind-sets and make every effort to project the Urantia revelation in the highest esteem for
those involved in the spiritual uplifting of our world.


The Urantia Book

Obviously, there are many sources in books and on the Internet describing the Urantia
Book. One of the better sources to browse for information on the Internet is Wikipedia.
Their description and sources on Wikipedia's website in evaluating the Urantia Book
seem fair and unbiased for open-source authors who format their statements from an
objective third-person understanding (verses an ideal first-person actual experiential

Nevertheless, Wikipedia, we consider, is at least a fair source to peruse regarding the
Urantia Book, and notwithstanding that it is up to the individual to formulate his or her own
understanding, the following link is to Wikipedia's description of the Urantia Book.

Wikipedia -
"The Urantia Book"


The Urantia Readers-International invites you to contact us at any time. The ideal method
for contacting us is through email, such that we may be able to correspond at times
convenient for all involved. Our email address is
(in some systems, access to an email editor requires you to enter your personal
Urantia Readers International
Governing Board
President:  Dick Ziglar  
Vice President:  Dave Mantz
Vice President:  Bruce Thomas  
Treasurer: Baker Jordan
Secretary:  Dr. Jeanette Francis  

Webmaster: Dr. Jeanette Francis
Book Placement:  Dennis Kidwell
Membership:  Dick Ziglar
Database: Dr. Jeanette Francis

Dick Ziglar
Dave Mantz
Baker Jordan
Dr. Jeanette Francis
Dr. Bruce Thomas
Dr. James Perry
Lee Armstrong
Polly Friedman
John Hassler
Dennis Kidwell