APRIL MAY JUNE 2015                                                      


Cosmic perception appears necessary for the realization of spiritual wisdom—(From the book)      (“The
true perspective of any reality problem—human or divine, terrestrial or cosmic—can be had only by the
full and unprejudiced study and correlation of three phases of universe reality: origin, history, and destiny.
The proper understanding of these three experiential realities affords the basis for a wise estimate of the
current status.)
   Since no one on the planet unfamiliar with the precepts of the Urantia revelation has any idea of the
origin, history and destiny of humanity, let alone the origin of the universe, which is relatively replete for
our stage of development set forth in the Urantia revelation within the 2000 pages it has had to squeeze in
such information. Let us presume our planetary brethren have no idea of human destiny or what has
happened in between origin and destiny, except perhaps for periodic sketches of history appearing in the
last five thousand years. This would appear to lend evidence that few if any on the planet have a true
perception of spiritual wisdom. Paleontologists and anthropologists have worked a dozen generations to
piece together a partial history of dinosaurs, going back two hundred million years ago and humans in the
form of Neanderthals going back about 900,000 years ago. In the last million years however the planet
has experienced cultures historically unheard of, and which can only be known and understood through
   We can discover crude working implements and bone fragments in our attempts to piece together a
certain supposition of how the cultures might have functioned, but this in not enough to gather data of
how they interacted among themselves and other cultures. There are mysteries impossible to unravel
without the information from those who personally experienced these intervening events as they unfolded
within the human evolutionary cycle for the last million years. The Urantia revelation provides us with
abundant information concerning the development and organization of our universe as well as the time
our planet came into existence, there being just under 300 pages revealing what is going on in our local
universe, and another 666 pages for the history of Urantia. At the end of the 1st chapter on our local
universe there is the following message for all the mortals on our world:
“…Frankly, eternity is
incomprehensible to the finite mind of time. You simply cannot grasp it; you cannot comprehend it. I do not
completely visualize it, and even if I did, it would be impossible for me to convey my concept to the human
mind. Nevertheless, I have done my best to portray something of our viewpoint, to tell you somewhat of
our understanding of things eternal. I am endeavoring to aid you in the crystallization of your thoughts
about these values which are of infinite nature and eternal import.”
   “There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this
plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite
treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving”
   “The goal of eternity is ahead! The adventure of divinity attainment lies before you! The race for
perfection is on! Whosoever will may enter, and certain victory will crown the efforts of every human being
who will run the race of faith and trust, depending every step of the way on the leading of the indwelling
Adjuster and on the guidance of that good spirit of the Universe Son, which so freely has been poured out
upon all flesh.”
(Pg. 365) (Mighty Messenger)
 “The immensity of the far-flung creation of the Universal Father is utterly beyond the grasp of finite
imagination; the enormousness of the master universe staggers the concept of even my order of being.
But the mortal mind can be taught much about the plan and arrangement of the universes; you can know
something of their physical organization and marvelous administration; you may learn about the various
groups of intelligent beings who inhabit the seven superuniverses of time and the central universe of
   “In principal, that is, in eternal potential, we conceive of material creation as being infinite because the
Universal Father is actually infinite, but as we study and observe the total material creation, we know that
at any given moment in time it is limited, although to your finite minds it is comparatively limitless, virtually
(Page 128) (Perfector of Wisdom)
   “Of the vast body of knowledge concerning the superuniverses, I can hope to tell you little, but there is
operative throughout these realms a technique of intelligent control for both physical and spiritual forces,
and the universal gravity presences there function in majestic power and perfect harmony. It is important
first to gain an adequate idea of the physical constitution and material organization of the superuniverse
domains, for then you will be the better prepared to grasp the significance of the marvelous organization
provided for their spiritual government and for the intellectual advancement of the will creatures who dwell
on the myriads of inhabited planets scattered hither and yon throughout these seven superuniverses.
(Pg. 164) (Universal Censor)
   The first three paragraphs in quotes above were presented by a member of a rather exclusive club of
advanced one-time mortals called Mighty Messengers.  They are recruited in a group comprising 700,000
individuals. However, these beings recruited from the ranks of one-time mortals all must come from worlds
that have undergone rebellion such as the Lucifer Rebellion. And, while it is just a guess, I would estimate
that this would comprise far less than one percent of all the worlds in creation. They, along with the
Perfectors of Wisdom, Universal Censors and four other corps members are considered the ruling class of
the superuniverses. The entire registry of beings in our universe concerned with human advancement
and universe organization are listed on pages 335 through 338. (Urantia book online)
   To discern the origin of our planet we have to go back to the beginning of our universe--something
actually given to us in our revelation, informing us from a date going back to some eight hundred and
seventy five billion years ago to the formation of the enormous Andronover Nebulae and on down to 500
billion years ago when the first Andronover sun was born, and through developmental stages on down to
4-1/2 billion years ago when our own solar system appeared (Page 652-656) and to more recent  
historical events on down to a date of around 1934 AD. The paper covering this span was presented by a
Life Carrier; a member of the original corps sent here 550,000,000 years ago, now a resident observer,
and still on the planet. The Life Carriers are entrusted with the formation and origin of all life on our world.
Knowing this, I will now take this opportunity to say hello to those chaps, and greetings to our backward
civilization. We only wish you were allowed to intervene. Thanks for our beginning—sorry we have, of late,
screwed it up so badly.
   A retrograding or devolving world culture can degenerate only so long and then forward progress
begins again, and while the set-back may be significant—lasting for years—it slowly begins to launch into
a more normal path of progressive advance to what is considered to be normal for all planets.

   What concerns us most is receiving an understanding of life when and after the first two humans
appeared; however there is a point of clarification that most Christians as well as truth seeking non-
Christians might want to learn. And, I mention this distinction because it is both Christians and Jews that
have propounded the date of about five to six thousand BC as a date everything started, and since they
were ignorant of any life beyond earth, the Old Testament gives us a time fairly close to the time of Moses
as being the time the world (their universe) was created, and many still believe this. Especially is this true
among those of both groups that believe that there can be no error in Scripture. If one still emphatically
maintains this belief in the 21st century, I am afraid he or she is in for a rude awakening, and is definitely
not ready for the New Bible—the Urantia Revelation.
   Learning, throughout the universes is an ongoing process and never seems to end. To give us a
glimpse of origins and history of the planet as well as an over-view of the evolutionary life of planetary
creatures, mainly humans but not excluding our animal predecessors, we can begin to understand where
we came from and how we got where we are today—sliding downhill so fast that we may lose the culture
completely if we don’t soon get it together.
     Our planetary inhabitants, in the not too distant future, will receive a succession of teachers allowing
for new and spiritual information to dominate the thinking of the wayward people of this planet’s various
cultures. It is time to start a discourse on a series of these teachers, inclusive of informing and perhaps
inspiring non-readers of the revelation as well as new readers that are unaware that we are constantly
being monitored as a world, and that plans are already set to send future teachers to spiritualize our
thinking as future inhabitants of a spiritual universe. These teachers will include in their talks, our destiny
as well as our history and origin, and all the while will set down moral patterns of spiritual standards
recognized as beneficial to all humans who believe in the exhortations and teachings of Jesus. Several of
these teachers have had their origin in the Trinity and are denominated as THE CO-ORDINATE TRINITY-
ORIGIN BEINGS; and when they speak it is the same as if the Trinity were speaking. We will first start with
the Trinity Teacher Sons in order to give those readers who have yet to gain entrance into the portal of
this revelation some idea as to who is presenting this wisdom to humanity.
   An important concept to bear in mind is the exclusive nature of our planet itself, a world in a local
universe of almost four million presently inhabited planets with each harboring human life. Earth (Urantia)
was the only planet picked as the world to present advanced spiritual knowledge to help straighten out a
world partially devoid, but still occasionally searching for spiritual truths. It was ripe for an Avonal Son;
however he was preempted by the creator of our local universe (Jesus) to set these truths into
manifestation for the world to understand. Unfortunately his exemplary life was cut short. This appearance
happens only once where the Creator Son is born through a woman—he will be back in time, but no one
knows when. The fact that his appearance some 2,000 years ago is now known throughout the universe
makes us so special that many eyes are focused on our planet from other worlds through communication
circuits to see what has happened over the last two thousand years. My feeling is that they would be
appalled to realize what has takened place just in the last 100 years.

                                 THE TRINITY TEACHER SONS (page 214)
 “Of all high orders of celestial personalities revealed to you, the Trinity Teacher Sons alone act in a
dual capacity. By origin of Trinity nature, in function they are almost wholly devoted to the services of
divine sonship. They are the liaison beings who bridge the universe gulf between Trinity-and dual-origin
   While the Stationary Sons of the Trinity are of completed numbers, the Teacher Sons are constantly
increasing. What the final number of Teacher Sons will be I do not know. I can, however, state that, at the
last periodic report to Uversa, the Paradise records indicated 21,001,624,821 of these Sons in service.
   These beings are the only group of the Sons of God revealed to you whose origin is in the Paradise
Trinity. They range the central and superuniverses, and an enormous corps is assigned to each local
universe. They also serve the individual planets as do the other Paradise Sons of God. Since the scheme
of the grand universe is not fully developed, large numbers of Teacher Sons are held in the reserves on
Paradise, and they volunteer for emergency duty and unusual service in all divisions of the grand
universe, on the lone worlds of space, in the local and superuniverses, and on the worlds of Havona.
They also function on Paradise, but it will be more helpful to postpone their detailed consideration until we
come to the discussion of the Paradise Sons of God.
   In this connection, however, it may be noted that Teacher Sons are the supreme co-ordinating
personalities of Trinity origin. In such a far-flung universe of universes there is always great danger of
succumbing to the error of the circumscribed viewpoint, to the evil inherent in a segmentalized conception
of reality and divinity.
   For example: The human mind would ordinarily crave to approach the cosmic philosophy portrayed in
these revelations by proceeding from the simple and the finite to the complex and the infinite, from human
origins to divine destinies. But that path does not lead to spiritual wisdom. Such a procedure is the easiest
path to a certain form of genetic knowledge, but at best it can only reveal man’s origin; it reveals little or
nothing about his divine destiny.
   Even in the study of man’s biologic evolution on Urantia, there are grave objections to the exclusive
historic approach to his present day status and his current problems. The true perspective of any reality
problem—human or divine, terrestrial or cosmic—can be had only by the full and unprejudiced study and
correlation of three phases of universe reality: origin, history and destiny. The proper understanding of
these three experiential realities affords the basis for a wise estimate of current status.”
   “When the human mind undertakes to follow the philosophic technique of starting from the lower to
approach the higher, whether in biology or theology, it is always in danger of committing four errors of
1.     It may utterly fail to perceive the final and completed evolutionary goal of either personal attainment
or cosmic destiny.
2.     It may commit the supreme philosophical blunder by oversimplifying cosmic evolutionary
(experiential) reality, thus leading to the distortion of facts, to the perversion of truth, and to the
misconception of destinies.
3.     The study of causation is the perusal of history. But the knowledge of how a being becomes does not
necessarily provide an intelligent understanding of the present status and true character of such a being.
4.     History alone fails adequately to reveal future development—destiny. Finite origins are helpful, but
only divine causes reveal final effects. Eternal ends are not shown in time beginnings. The present can be
truly interpreted only in the light of the correlated past and future.
   Therefore, because of these and for still other reasons, do we employ the technique of approaching
man and his planetary problems by embarkation on the time-space journey from the infinite, eternal, and
divine Paradise Source and Center of all personality reality and all cosmic existence.”

The United States has far too long been pre-occupied with the wrongs incurred by slavery which lasted a
couple hundred years and ended by proclamation circa 1865. And, now we are well into a cultural failure
due to an inability to stem the tide of undesirable people pouring into the United States along with our
preoccupation with how to make amends for the so called inequities of the bygone era of slavery. And,
currently with the President of the United States equating Christianity’s incursions into Arabia about 1400
years ago with the present day beheadings and suicidal pacts of individuals of unknown origin (unknown
because they certainly couldn’t be Muslims, since Muslims are peaceful people), we are therefore forced
to live under the rule of semi-mindless leaders who appear inadvertently bent on world destruction--
leaders in this country who have the temerity to castigate the Founding Fathers for creating a Constitution
that future leaders in the United States are incapable of understanding. Poor choices based on relevant
causes can easily result in the anti-social effects of hostility and violent aggression.
   None of these, to say the least, social faux-pas of the past makes much sense and certainly fails to
increase anyone’s awareness of spiritual reality or spiritual wisdom, even on the barest level of
appreciation—and all the chaos that has appeared most likely would have been circumvented if it was not
for our world leaders lack of wisdom concerning their meaningless choices throughout recent history.
It is the spiritual bareness of various culture’s inability to understand how we got ourselves into the fix we’
re in—on the brink of economic bankruptcy while the world plunges itself into deeper separation—a
separation that needs fixing.

                  MORE ABOUT THE TRINITY TEACHER SONS (Pg. 230)
 “These highly personal and highly spiritual Paradise Sons are brought into being by the Paradise
Trinity. They are known in Havona (the central universe) as the order of Daynals. In Orvonton (name of
our superniverse) they are of record as Trinity Teacher Sons, so named because of their parentage. On
Salvington (capital of our local universe) they are sometimes denominated the Paradise Spiritual Sons.
   The Daynal order of sonship is not an organic part of the local or superuniverse administrations. Its
members are neither creators nor retrievers, neither judges nor rulers. They are not so much concerned
with universe administration as with moral enlightenment and spiritual development. They are the
universal educators, being dedicated to the spiritual awakening and moral guidance of all realms. Their
ministry is intimately interrelated with that of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit and is closely associated
with the Paradise ascension of creature beings.
   These Sons of the Trinity partake of the combined natures of the three Paradise Deities, but in Havona
they seem more to reflect the nature of the Universal Father In the superuniverse they seem to portray
the nature of the Eternal Son, while in the local creations they appear to show forth the character of the
Infinite Spirit. In all universes they are the embodiment of service and the discretion of wisdom.
   Unlike their Paradise brethren, Michaels and Avonals, Trinity Teacher Sons receive no preliminary
training in the central universe. They are dispatched directly to the headquarters of the superuniverses
and from there are commissioned for service in some local universe. In their ministry to these evolutionary
realms they utilized the combined spiritual influence of a Creator Son and the associated Magisterial
Sons, for the Daynals do not possess a spiritual drawing power in and of themselves.”

   Only through an understanding of causal relationships with their consequential effects will we ultimately
enable ourselves to make a few decent choices determining the progressive outcome of those decisions
when they are especially guided by wisdom.  Our problems stem from the relationship of mis-understood
causes and their undetermined outcomes. Many of these causes are related to those effects that appear
as undesirable outcomes of simple-minded decision making. And these simple-minded choices (political
correctness) can lead to not just the temporary undermining of cultures but to their over-all collapse—
remember Rome.
   And just as the comprehension of cause-effect relationships can lead to optimal conditions of intelligent
economic progress for a culture, so are there a plethora of counter-conditions that lead to the destruction
of society—unfortunately this is our present direction. THERE WILL BE A DAY OF RECOGNING.
   We must not take the advice from a “do nothing” president who may engage the country in negative
conditions from which extrication is impossible—world war. Just recently I heard from some commentators
on Fox News that it is the President of the United States that we are talking about (implying a reverential
degree of status) and that he was elected by the majority of the people. But, they never seem to tell
anyone that the President was fraudulently elected and by thousands who had no voting rights at all
(illegal aliens), and many of those that did were sub-intellectuals with an intelligence quotient below 80, or
among the legion of unemployed, or just down and out simple-minded folks that have made welfare a life
long pursuit—and don’t forget the dead voters--and yet they all seem proud of this social milieu. I had my
reservations about entering this insight into the report, but soon everyone will learn of the evil inherent in
self-aggrandizement and what harm a self motivated narcissistic pied-piper can do to befall a culture when
he gets enough followers who are themselves incapable of higher truth discernment. The intent of certain
people to scam the general public has become so obvious that if it weren’t so blatant some might excuse it
by attributing it to some faulty ambiguity of thinking. However it is quite clear their scams are now
perceived by everyone as no way benefiting the culture, evident by a 20 trillion dollar debt. One of the
biggest mistakes by one of these conniving miscreants was the IRS’ publicly stating that over 30,000
emails were lost and unrecoverable, which turned out not to be the case.   
   The social problem in today’s culture is that there are too many who have little concept of wisdom, let
alone the importance of wisdom. They have virtually no discerning capacity to intellectually perceive the
difference between the Reverend Al Sharpton’s vitriolic rhetoric compare to the brilliant wisdom of Thomas
One in my estimation is a fool and the other a brilliant statesman; yet to many Americans one is just Black
while the other is White. The inherent failure to perceive that both were against excessive taxation, but the
fact that one purportedly scammed his way out of paying four million in back taxes and the other was debt
free his entire lifetime, and was recognized by his peers as brilliant, appears to have no meaningful
significance to half of our contemporaries.
   The so called political correctness which rears its ugly head from day to day turns out in most cases to
be political incorrectness thrusting society backward instead of the intended forwardness it wishes to
pursue. The liberal push towards ubiquitous equitability by its very nature fails to foster responsibility in
those individuals who have failed to discern true causality. In other words, many individuals cause most of
their own problems and invariably blame the rest of society—the cause/effect relationships mentioned on
the first page of this discourse.
   For a long time to come there will be a level of poverty differentiating the strata of society, and much of
the financial disparity will continue to be from irresponsible decision making on the part of indolent and
backward people.
   The monetary disparity between rich and poor will narrow over time, but not by making the rich poor
through extreme disparate taxation, but rather by creating jobs for the poor, and by eradicating society of
its degenerates, undesirables, and defectives.
   Only through the correlation of the present with the past will mankind be able to intelligently resolve the
dilemmas plaguing nations today, which resoundingly follows the axiom—if you haven’t learned a lesson
from history, in all probability you will have to repeat it.    
   It is apparent that to advance society we must adapt to those cosmic conditions and principles that are
necessary to sustain a universe, or those conditions favorable, at a minimum, to the progress of other
worlds—presented in the revelation which entails: the outlawing of war by a functional world governing
body; the riddance of non-beneficent Gods (Islam)(Satanism), or the riddance of the religion itself;
electing a viable United Nations; creating a balanced budget—no nation can live beyond its means
forever; reduction of national entitlements and the amount of welfare recipients; intelligent immigration
policies enforced and prohibiting illegal immigration; proper education of students, and universal suffrage
based on the system of merit voting, to name just a few of our problems. We know from watching “Watters
World” that thousands of college students don’t even know who the first President of the United States
was, and with questions like: Who won the Second World War, or who won the civil war—not a clue. An
8th grade civics test ought to be administered to every voter as criteria to determine who is really qualified
to vote. It looks today that the government might have to raise the voting age to 60 or 70 years to find
qualified voters. It is reported that 60% of Hispanics drop out of school in the tenth grade; does it make
any sense that these people should be allowed to vote? Many are very nice people, but have know idea
of what constitutes an intelligent government, and will vote only for those things that serve their own
interests, even if it means welfare for the entire group for years to come.
    Our impasse (U.S.) puts us, as well as the rest of the world, presently at a cross-roads confronted with
the choice to doing good for others, or contrarily the desire to exploit self benefits to the exclusion of
everyone else. This is made possible through the exploitation of mass-media upon the general population.
People who don’t have it—want it. In today’s world, populations can easily get a glimpse of the reality of
the other half of the world—a world that they scarcely could dream about several generations ago, yet are
now desirous of attaining for themselves. The have nots want what the haves have, but have little idea of
how to obtain it. And, all of this relates to the theme of this report—spiritual wisdom; and the necessity of
entities arriving here to spell it out for us. The world in general has to learn the advantages of service as a
motivating factor in life as opposed to receiving something for nothing (welfare) or in contradistinction
remuneration for small favors. Money in itself does not buy an individual’s safe passage to heaven;
neither does status, or social influence. According to this revelation, society must find jobs for it
inhabitants or the culture is considered a dismal failure. Inundating the culture with unskilled labor,
unlearned individuals, and unethical persons only weakens the standing of any society. The opulent as
well as the poor must spiritualize their standing in the community for the world to work. And to do this, all
must generate within themselves a new understanding of causal relationships, and how it affects the
whole of society—world society. This is the essence of what the spiritual world wants us to know. The
organization and running of a universe is based on balance, and balance generates harmony. When
energy of any form is out of balance there appears disruption, and within an organism this can appear in
either mental or physical energies. The White House is in total disruption, along with the rest of the
country; it doesn’t necessarily take great insight to inform us things are out of balance—therefore most of
us can recognize that there is little harmony in today’s world, and it looks like things are going to get
worse--far worse, before they get better. If you pray frequently, pray for wisdom for no one can make
better use of it than our leaders. Shallow thinking and short term fixes only increases our problems.
This has been a topical discussion concerning the necessity of wisdom based on the teachings of the
Urantia revelation.  (URI—Urantia Readers Intl)