Quarterly Report:    October, November, December 2015

Cultural Collapse is upon us. The aim of all mortal life is to strive for cosmic citizenship—learning
how the universes function and how to develop ourselves spiritually to enable us to progress
through the stages and ages of advanced living on through eternity. Our religion, if valid, tends to
aid us in this quest. Today’s societies are not engendering this need in human lives—hence the
Urantia revelation. (URI)

   The theme of this report by proffering its values and direction towards God consciousness, is an
attempt to direct our progress in world societies towards peace, harmony and universal
understanding. Social reconstruction and true religion is of supreme importance for survival of the

 “Mechanical inventions and the dissemination of knowledge are modifying civilization; certain
economic adjustments and social changes are imperative if culture disaster is to be avoided. This
new and oncoming social order will bot settle down complacently for a millennium. The human race
must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is
on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny.” Page (1086)

    “The world is filled with lost souls, not lost in the Theologic sense but lost in the directional
meaning, wandering about in confusion among the isms and cults of a frustrated philosophic era.
Too few have learned how to install a philosophy of living in the place of religious authority.” (Page

   “Religion is not a technique for attaining a static and blissful peace of mind; it is an impulse for
organizing the soul for dynamic service. It is the enlistment of the totality of selfhood in the loyal
service of loving God and serving man. Religion pays any price essential to the attainment of the
supreme goal, the eternal prize. There is a consecrated completeness in religious loyalty which is
superbly sublime. And these loyalties are socially effective and spiritually progressive.”

    “True religion is a meaningful way of living dynamically face to face with the common place
realities of everyday life. But if religion is to stimulate individual development of character and
augment integration of personality, it must not be standardized. If it is to stimulate evaluation of
experience and serve as a value- lure, it must not be stereotyped. If religion is to promote supreme
loyalties, it must not be formalized.”(Page 1089)

    To the religionist the word God becomes a symbol signifying the approach to supreme reality
and the recognition of divine value. Human likes and dislikes do not determine good and evil; moral
values do not grow out of wish fulfillment or emotional frustration.” (Page 1096)

    During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid the economic
upheavals, the moral crosscurrents, and sociologic rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a scientific
era, thousands upon thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated; they are
anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world’s history they need
the consolation and stabilization of sound religion. In the face of unprecedented scientific
achievement and mechanical development there is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.
(Page 1090)

   “Religious experience is markedly influenced by physical health, inherited temperament, and
social environment. But these temporal conditions do not inhibit inner spiritual progress by a soul
dedicated to the doing of the will of the Father in heaven. There are present in all normal mortals
certain innate drives toward growth and self-realization which function if they are not specifically
inhibited. The certain technique of fostering this constitutive endowment of the potential of spiritual
growth is to maintain an attitude of wholehearted devotion to supreme values.” (Pages 1094-1095)

    The Urantia revelation has repeatedly warned us of an impending doom to our culture if we failed
to meet certain requirements that were essential to sustaining the culture; something we have failed
miserably at, and unfortunately the time to make these changes is running out. Papers 81, 71 and
195 address issues that every Urantia reader should carefully study, along with other sections of
the book that offer sound information for any sane society to follow. (I am not at all referring to our
society as sane) that is until the culture reverses its path of destruction and follows the outlines
given us in the revelation, which at this point appears impossible in the time allotted for the change
to take place.  

    There are presently on the market three best-selling books that address the problems we have
overlooked for the last five decades and especially in the last two decades; they present the
problems quite clearly as outlined in: Ann  Coulter’s book “ADIOS AMERICA” -- “The lefts plan to
turn our country into a third world hellhole”. Coulter’s first sentence is, “THIS IS “GOODBYE,”
AMERICA ADIOS. “No further warning will be issued.” She has elaborated with over a hundred
pages of footnotes documenting all her findings. It is very well written and something all open-
minded and objective readers should absorb. We will mention her later. The second book on the
best sellers list is Mark Levin’s #1 New York Times best seller titled Plunder and Deceit, which also
outlines the Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future.  I plan to include some of
his brilliant works, depending on the length of this report, but must add it would not be the number
one best seller without a formidable agenda which state facts not given to the general public. His
research is exhaustive. The third book we recommend is Mark Steyn’s book, “AFTER AMERICA”.
Yes, it is quite possible that America is a bygone era as we once knew it, presently non-rejuvenated
yet changed completely by ignorant voters brought into the country to sustain the
socialist/communist desires of the far left and to sustain unabated their backward ideals for as long
as they can deceive the fickle liberal populous with their unpopular open-border policies to allow a
majority of illiterates on government entitlements to be swayed to vote for complete Governmental
bureaucracies to control the culture in order to keep the entitlements coming.   

    The reason we have chosen these three best-selling books is because they best represent the
changes the Urantia revelation has revealed to us relating to the demise of the culture if certain
factors are omitted in the interminable changes of society. These books illustrate exactly what some
of these changes should have been; Urantia readers had better take stock as to the possibilities of
culture collapse soon to be upon us, by reading those sections of the revelation that clearly elicit
our demise.  

    One of the great social changes that stands out is evidenced by today’s attacks upon society by
the depressed Black population – an insidious milieu is currently forming around the edges of our
culture, fostered by the militants, and disenfranchised. The Urantia revelation mentions that the
simultaneous release of slaves (Emancipation Proclamation) has never worked out anywhere in the
entire universe. This is becoming more evident each generation. When Rudy Giuliani, past mayor of
New your city, was asked by a representative group of disgruntled Blacks as to why there is so
much of the police force centered in Black communities, Rudy unequivocally stated because that is
where 90% of the crime takes place. There is an under-current of discontent and growing
impatience among a widening, ever spreading group of anti-social minorities throughout the country
which are seemingly doing their best to wreak havoc among the general population. This is being
perpetrated both individually and in sizable groups.             

    Another problem relates to our failure to screen immigrants, especially illegal immigration as is
mentioned on page 899. The implication is that multiculturalism is not really good for any country in
that it divides the population from the melting-pot ideal that made America great. People came here
to join in the great American experiment of joining a growing culture based on a form of unified
strata, not on a separation of the maintenance of separate and diverse cultures with multi-
languages and strange customs. “During the Past century this culture has been experiencing its
best opportunity for blending in the cosmopolitan population of North America; and the future of that
continent will be determined by the quality of the racial factors which are permitted to enter into its
present and future populations, as well as by the level of the culture which is maintained.”

    In order to insure a liberal voting block The United states has allowed 100,000 Somalis to
recently enter the United States and about a million semi-literate Hispanics who have discovered
that they can draw welfare in the form of entitlements to sustain themselves without working for as
long as they can control the outcome of elections by sheer numbers. Our revelation maintains that
this is a disaster when the lower strata by virtue of numbers, in a democratic society, control the
voting which determines the direction of the country. The economy, AS THE REVELATION
MENTIONS is then eventually doomed to failure.  Many immigrants joined the melting-pot and
maintained some of their culture but until recently far too many refuse to learn English with the
desire to perpetuate their own culture. Not the best course for one to displace the culture he is
moving into. Muslims continue to push the rest of the world out to make room for their backward
world-culture, to the exclusion of superior cultures.   


  “Language differences have ever been the great barrier to the extension of peace. The conquest
of dialects must precede the spread of a culture throughout a race, over a continent, or to a whole
world. A universal language promotes peace, insures culture, an augments happiness. Even when
the tongues of a world are reduced to a few, the mastery of these by the leading cultural peoples
mightily influences the achievement of world-wide peace and prosperity.” (Pg. 908)

One of the most disunifying aspects to our recent change in culture is this idea that multiculturalism
is a good thing. Coulter puts it in perspective:  


    “Never in human history has a country simply decided to turn itself into another country like this.
No offense to Mexico. Love the food! But Japan doesn’t say, “Let’s become Sweden!” Finland doesn’
t say, “Let’s be Scotland!” I don’t want to live in Japan. I don’t want to live in Scotland. I wanted to
live in America. So did Lupe. Why don’t American elites? Everyone who supports our current
immigration policies does so for his own reason:  

* Democrats for the votes;

* Employers for the cheap labor;

* Rich people for the nannies, maids, and gardeners;

* Republicans for the campaign cash; and

*Churches for the taxpayer money.

You will notice that none of these reasons has anything to do with what’s good for the country.

    An immigration law premised on the idea that America owes the rest of the world would be bad
enough. But Third World immigration + massive welfare state + political correctness = The End of
America. We not only favor immigrants as different from us as possible, but we no longer ask
anything of immigrants in terms of assimilation. We can’t. That would be “racists”. We can’t allow the
cynics to rule the society much less the world! (URI)

    Coulters book is astounding in that she has approximately 100 pages of footnotes with about 20
on each page, documenting her statements. The millions and billions of dollars that go to illegals is
creating far more debt that we can handle. Coulter is the New York Times author of 10 best sellers.
It is a must read if the reader desires collaborative proof of why the Urantia revelation states that we
are soon to become a failed culture. All of the three mentioned books above conclude that we are
on the precipice of collapse and it is just a matter of time.

    On page 906-912 of the revelation there is listed under “THE MAINTENANCE OF CIVILIZATION”
fifteen major factors that have carried our culture to some success, just to see it suddenly turn
towards its downward cycle. All are fascinating but too lengthy to include here, however we will
mention a few:

#8. “The greatest twentieth-century influences contributing to the furtherance of civilization and the
advancement of culture are the marked increase in world travel and the unparalleled improvements
in methods of communication. But the improvement in education has not kept pace with the
expanding social structure; neither has the modern appreciation of ethics developed in
correspondence with growth along more purely intellectual and scientific lines. And modern
civilization is at a standstill in spiritual development and the safeguarding of the home institution.”   

#9.The racial ideals. The ideals of one generation carve out the channels of destiny for immediate
posterity. The quality of the social torchbearers will determine whether civilization goes forward or
backward. The homes, churches, and schools of one generation predetermine the character trend
of the succeeding generation. The moral and spiritual momentum of a race or a nation largely
determines the cultural velocity of that civilization.”   

#11.”Place- finding devices.  It is not enough to train men for work; in a complex society there must
also be provided efficient methods of place finding. Before training citizens in the highly specialized
techniques of earning a living, they should be trained in one or more methods of commonplace
labor, trades or callings which could be utilized when they were transiently unemployed in their
CLASSES OF UNEMPLOYED. In time, even the best of citizens will become distorted and
demoralized by accepting support from the public treasury. Even private charity becomes pernicious
when long extended to able-bodied citizens…  Isn’t 7 years long enough?

#12. “The willingness to co-operate. One of the great hindrances to the progress of human society
is the conflict between the interests and welfare of the larger, more socialized human groups and of
the smaller, contrary-minded asocial associations of mankind, not to mention antisocially-minded
single individuals.  

    No national civilization long endures unless its educational methods and religious ideals inspire a
high type of intelligent patriotism and national devotion. WITHOUT THIS SORT OF INTELLIGENT

   The maintenance of world-wide civilization is dependent on human beings learning how to live
together in peace and fraternity. Without effective co-ordination, industrial civilization is jeopardized
by the dangers of ultra-specialization: monotony, narrowness, and the tendency to breed distrust
and jealousy.”

    The true effects of these statements in today’s media exposure are blatantly false. As discussed
partially in the statements above we are informed that no civilization can long survive by harboring
large classes of unemployed. We have been told from unreliable governmental sources through a
dishonest media that we stand with only five or six percent unemployment, but now we hear from
truer sources disclosing that the real figures are closer to 20 percent unemployed. In the last
depression 12 percent constituted a depression.  The true success of any nation’s economy is the
real number of employed, not the status of the stock market. In a speech given the other day Dr.
Ben Carson made the bold statement that among the black population the unemployment rate was
forty nine percent.

  The old adage is, that whenever everyone else is unemployed it is a recession, but when you are
unemployed it’s a depression. Society can function without meaningful employment, but for not very
long as our revelation points out; in fact it can eventually spell total disaster for the society’s
economy, which generally equates to a collapse. A panic in America could cause an immediate

    We are further told above that one of the greatest hindrances to our society is the lack of
cooperation between the socialized members of society and the asocial and antisocial members.
The cost of criminality among the asocial and antisocial groups, inclusive of gangs, drug addicts,
dissocial, mentally ill, and common thieves, etc. are without a doubt enough to destroy a smoothly
functioning society. When the jealously of wars enters the picture, such as the Muslim’s envy of
Western progress, the price accelerates immensely, to what narrows to a breaking point
economically, especially when fools are in charge and running the country. Without wise leadership
we are ruined as a nation.   

#13 ”Effective and wise leadership. In civilization much, very much, depends on an enthusiastic and
effective load-pulling spirit. Ten men are of little more value than one in lifting a great load unless
they lift together—all at the same moment. And such teamwork—social co-operation—is dependent
on leadership. The cultural civilizations of the past and the present have been based upon the
intelligent co-operation of the citizenry with wise and progressive leaders; and until man evolves to
higher levels, civilization will continue to be dependent on wise and vigorous leadership.

    High civilizations are born of the sagacious correlation of material wealth, intellectual greatness,
moral worth, social cleverness, and cosmic insight.”

    The following is part of a paragraph that should be studied by all members of Congress and
especially the fool in the White House (Obama), for the distorted views of a ruling class can
summarily destroy a civilization much faster than it takes to build one. We are at a juncture where
destruction of our culture is very likely!

#14 “Social changes …Man should be unafraid to experiment with the mechanisms of society. But
always should these adventures in cultural adjustment be controlled by those who are fully
conversant with the history of social evolution; and always should these innovators be counseled by
the wisdom of those who have had practical experience in the domains of contemplated social or
economic experiment. No great social or economic change should be attempted suddenly. Time is
essential to all types of human adjustment—physical, social, or economic. Only moral and spiritual
adjustments can be made on the spur of the moment, end even these require the passing of time
for the full outworking of their material and social repercussions. The ideals of the race are the chief
support and assurance during the critical times when civilization is in in transit from one level to

#15 …”The great danger to any civilization—at any one moment—is the threat of breakdown during
the time of transition from the established methods of the past to those new and better, but untried,
procedures of the future.

    Leadership is vital to progress. Wisdom, insight, and foresight are indispensable to the
endurance of nations. Civilization is never really jeopardized until able leadership begins to vanish.
And the quantity of such wise leadership has never exceeded one per cent of the population.”

    Unfortunately our supreme leader fails to qualify as being among the one percent of wise
leaders, neither do his czars, or for that matter many members of Congress who happen to fall in
the same category. Wisdom seems to be a recurrent theme throughout these papers, relating
especially to leaders with the capacity to govern others in a meaningful way.


    “Early Christianity was entirely free from all civil entanglements, social commitments, and
economic alliances. Only did later institutionalized Christianity become an organic part of the
political and social structure of Occidental civilization.

    The kingdom of heaven is neither a social nor economic order; it is an exclusively spiritual
brotherhood of God-knowing individuals. True, such a brotherhood is in itself a new and amazing
social phenomenon attended by astounding political and economic repercussions.

    … Religion influences social reconstruction directly because it spiritualizes and idealizes the
individual citizen. Indirectly, cultural civilization is influenced by the attitude of these individual
religionists as they become active and influential members of various social, moral, economic, and
political groups.

    The attainment of a high cultural civilization demands, first, the ideal type of citizen and, then
ideal and adequate social mechanisms wherewith such a citizenry may control the economic and
political institutions of such an advanced human society.

    The church, because of overmuch false sentiment, has long ministered to the underprivileged
and the unfortunate, and this has all been well, but this same sentiment has led to the unwise
perpetuation of racially degenerate stocks which have tremendously retarded the progress of

    Many individual social reconstructionists, while vehemently repudiating institutionalized religion,
are after all, zealously religious in the propagation of their social reforms. And so it is that religious
motivation, personal and more or less unrecognized, is playing a great part in the present-day
program of social reconstruction.

    The great weakness of all this unrecognized and unconscious type of religious activity is that it is
unable to profit from open religious criticism and thereby attain to profitable levels of self-correction.
It is a fact that religion does not grow unless it is disciplined by constructive criticism, amplified by
philosophy, purified by science, and nourished by loyal fellowship.

    There is always the great danger that religion will become distorted and perverted into the
pursuit of false goals, as when in times of war each contending nation prostitutes its religion into
military propaganda. Loveless zeal is always harmful to religion, while persecution diverts the
activities of religion into the achievement of some sociologic or Theologic drive.”

    There is no world religion of prominence on this planet that has distorted and perverted its
values more than Islam which has demanded of the rest of the world that they succumb to the
precepts set forth by their founder Muhammad – a   religion that accepts no other religion as valid
and therefore by this very idiosyncratic intolerance alone should be unworthy of acceptance by any

    Unlike the religion of Islam which must remain static due to its inherent nature of having
purportedly emanated from Allah himself and therefore cannot be changed, Western religion, on the
other hand, can and must allow for religion to advance as time moves on, otherwise its value
becomes attenuated by time itself. One thing we cannot allow is for an inferior culture with an
inferior religion to gain any foothold in this country in order to attempt to displace the religious
standards (values) and laws of our own evolutionary culture.

    It appears virtually impossible to reconcile the belief system of Islam with the values of the
Judeo/Christian community. Jesus came here among other reasons to reestablish the validity of
monotheism and firmly implanted it among the Jews of the day. Since there is only one God, if my
calculations are correct, Allah makes two—one religion exalts the human life the other degrades
human life. Let’s not allow Islam to further perpetuate its false ideologies by contaminating the youth
of America into a religion of hatred and despair, into a religion that wants to denigrate and thus
destroy all other religions.

 ”Values can never be static; reality signifies change, growth. Change without growth, expansion
of meaning and exaltation of value, is valueless—is potential evil. The greater the quality of cosmic
adaptation, the more of meaning any experience possesses. Values are not conceptual illusions;
they are real, but always they depend on the fact of relationships. Values are always both actual
and potential—not what was, but what is and is to be.  

    The association of actuals and potentials equals growth, the experiential realization of values.
But growth is not mere progress. Progress is always meaningful, but it is relatively valueless without
growth. The supreme value of human life consists in growth of values, progress in meanings, and
realization of the cosmic interrelatedness of both of these experiences. And such an experience is
the equivalent of God-consciousness. Such a mortal, while not supernatural, is truly becoming
superhuman; an immortal soul is evolving.

    Man cannot cause growth, but he can supply favorable conditions. Growth is always
unconscious, be it physical, intellectual, or spiritual. Love thus grows; it cannot be created,
manufactured, or purchased; it must grow. Evolution is a cosmic technique of growth. Social growth
cannot be secured by legislation, and moral growth is not had by improved administration…”  (Pg.

    There is no doubt our world is changing, changing in every direction without intelligent
leadership and at a frenetic pace that is sure to do us in if we continue in our failure to take stock of
where we are headed. Change must proceed slowly and methodically under the tutelage of wisdom
for meaningful growth to last. There is no parachute large enough to stop a nation’s fall once it has
lost control and plummeted over a cliff.  

    America has intentionally allowed non-Americans and un-Americans as well as anti-Americans to
infiltrate freely into this culture, dividing the country in half. We have largely failed to control the
most sacred of all documents from being contaminated or undermined by those who want to
drastically change the society—the Constitution of the United States. The allegiance towards the
country is presently maintained by only half the population who hold to the valued traditions
established by past generations—traditions inclusive of Judeo/Christian ethics. We are no longer
becoming Americans!  

    “In 1915, future Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis gave a speech on what he called
“Americanization Day”—the fourth of July. He stated that the process of newcomers becoming
Americans involved not only superficial changes, such as adopting “the clothes, the manners and
the customs generally prevailing here” or even the “far more important” acquisition of English. The
change he said was far more “fundamental”:

    “The immigrant is not Americanized unless his interests and affections have become deeply
rooted here. And we properly demand of the immigrant even more than this. He must be brought
into complete harmony with our ideals and aspirations and cooperate with us for their attainment.
Only when this has been done will he possess the national consciousness of an American.” (Pg. 26

    Unless immigrants acculturate with the American traditions of learning English and the general
American way of life, they ought to be sent back to where they came from before our culture ends
up like their culture—a third world hellhole.

    People who cannot recognize the downfall of the American culture ought not to be reading the
Urantia revelation, it will only confuse them more. It appears evident that some of our leaders,
completely devoid of wisdom, are intentionally trying to destroy us—they lack wisdom, foresight and
spirituality. (URI)

A few ideas gleaned from the revelation regarding our culture (Pg. 803):  

“* No society has progressed very far when it permits idleness or tolerates poverty. But poverty and
dependence can never be eliminated if the defective and degenerate stocks are freely supported
and permitted to reproduce without restraint.  

*The state is best which co-ordinates most while governing least.

*The exalted state not only compels its citizens to work but also entices them into profitable and
uplifting utilization of the increasing leisure which results from toil liberation by the advancing
machine age. Leisure must produce as well as consume.

*The Collapse of Rome indicates what may be expected when a state undergoes too rapid
extension associated with internal degeneration. (Sounds quite familiar to me – wonder where that’s

*The ideals of statehood must be attained by evolution, by the slow growth of civic consciousness.

*A moral society should aim to preserve the self-respect of its citizenry.”

I think our President and Congress forgot something:

“Democracy, while an ideal, is a product of civilization, not of evolution. Go slowly! Select carefully!
For the dangers of democracy are:

* Glorification of mediocrity.

* Choice of base and ignorant rulers.  

* Failure to recognize the basic facts of social evolution.

* Danger of universal suffrage in the hands of uneducated and indolent                    majorities.
(That surly can’t be us they’re talking about—sounds like the entitlement crowd to me)

* Slavery to public opinion; the majority is not always right.” (And, I might add that our minorities
comprise our majority—at least in the last major election)


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