October, November, December ‘08

Dear members,

Our prime objective in reporting information to our world wide readership is to keep every
reader focused on the revelation as an inspirational source for daily living – something that
provides hope for future living and lends credence and meaning to our daily responsibilities
to embrace the growth concept of the Supreme. Several months ago we reported that our
sources mentioned that the economy was on shaky grounds and things could get much
worse and to prepare ourselves for hard times. Since then energy costs have risen to an all
time high; inflation in food prices and most staples have jumped upwards alarmingly fast, so
much so that home budgets are stressed to the limit in many households. The largest home
equity lender Country Wide started a recent decline in property investment due to its near
give away loans to many of its clients. Their bankruptcy proceedings were aborted at the
last minute when Bank of America in a quick buy out saved the day by buying the
Corporation at pennies on the dollar. Several months later both Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac, two more of the largest home lenders went belly up only to be bailed out by a
government deal that will ultimately cost the tax payers billions. Within a week it was
announced that the fourth largest equity lender Lehman Brothers was 60 billion in debt due
to their indiscriminate buying of housing loans causing a bankruptcy with no buyers in store
including the Federal government. Barclays Bank of England chose selectively to purchase
a small portion of the company which will save about 7,000 jobs. Industry giants like
Bear/Sterns, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman/Sachs are feeling the pinch. J.P. Morgan’s
merger with Bear/Sterns allowed for liquidity and gave them banking status. Both
Morgan/Stanley and Goldman Sachs have converted their mortgage houses to banks
supplying them with additional capital and borrowing power but with greater government
restrictions on basic operations. Wall Street expects even more foreclosures and
bankruptcies next year. These corporate insolvencies add to the frustrations of their
thousands of employees, but entering into receivership creates havoc with family units all
over the country, especially where foreclosures are evident. Recent bail outs on the part of
the government and solvent institutions are precarious and will likely cost tax payers much
of their wage increases for the next couple of years.

Regardless of what one hears from financial pundits, wall streeters, media economists (who
are seldom correct in their prognostications), and other “so called” banking experts; the
reality is such that the USA is in dire straits financially and financial collapse in the economy
equates to social collapse throughout the entire society. In today’s economy it is only the
inculcation of spiritual values and divine guidance that will alter the greed that has led us
down the current path of financial despair, if not ruin. Many of our largest corporations are
teetering on the brink of disaster. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, have lost billions in the
last year. The largest energy corporation (Enron) through its greedy executive
mismanagement went belly up along with its accounting firm Arthur Anderson (the largest
accounting firm in the country). Unfortunately our country is following the path of the Roman
Empire – this being deduced from the Urantia revelation. Social welfare expenditures, taxes
to curtail world chaos and local emergencies, along with the monies to support the armed
services abroad and the curtailment of criminal activities at home are creating
insurmountable challenges.  America will be leaving a legacy of doom to its successive
generations if ethical standards are not immediately initiated in industry and government.
New, yet foreseeable problems lie ahead.

New programs of anti terrorism activities for homeland security, programs to combat
problems associated with illegal migration, illegal drug importation and the fall of the
American dollar in world markets are all taking a toll on our well being. Energy costs are
draining household incomes at an alarming rate and home foreclosures are virtually
disrupting any growth in what for years has been a fairly stable housing market. Homes are
for sale everywhere and no one is buying. Sixty four percent of Americans own their own
homes; unfortunately many bought far above their means and this hubristic behavior has
just recently forced the government to bail out two of the largest home lenders in the world –
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, all due to the avarice of their corporate managers. All loans
have to be approved by management. Loans were given to individuals who couldn’t even
make their first payment after the contract went into effect.

The following statement from page 1090 of the Urantia book could be even more true in this
the 21st century.
“During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid
the economic upheavals, the moral crosscurrents, and the sociologic rip tides of the
cyclonic transitions of a scientific era, thousands upon thousands of men and women have
become humanly dislocated; they are anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as
never before in the world’s history they need the consolation and stabilization of a sound
religion. In the face of unprecedented scientific achievement and mechanical development
there is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.”

So, lets examine just what happens without the ethics demanded by righteous business
practices, and the overriding spiritual balance necessary for sustaining a fickle economy as
presented in the Urantia book and paraphrased in my thesis
“Synchronicity and Harmony”,
taken from (Pg. 1344-1345 U.B.). To better perceive how 200 years of gradual prosperity
has disappeared from the face of the earth we will list the following recent failures exclusive
of the myriads of manufacturing concerns that have moved overseas and in so doing have
decimated millions of jobs in the American marketplace. As Bill Cosby has stated: This is
easily resolvable by taxing all imports at 100 percent.

  1. American auto industry near collapse due to union demands, poor quality control,     
and slow innovative initiative.  Cannot meet the Japanese standards.
  2. Airline industry including manufacturing in dire straits. Pan Am., National, Trans World
Airways (TWA), Pacific South West, and dozens of others either broke or absorbed by
others. Many are currently operating at a loss of millions annually. Delta, currently unable to
pay off its bonds. Has started several times to file chapter 11. Both United and US-Air
operating at considerable loss.
  3. Energy companies kaput. Enron (countries largest energy co.) now defunct taking with
it Arthur Anderson and Co. (countries largest accounting firm) due to a little bit of cheating –
depleting pension funds, rigging stock prices, outrageous executive salaries, etc.
  4. Housing market – collapse of Countrywide (countries largest home lender), bought by
Bank of America for pennies on the dollar. Fannie May and Freddie Mac taken over by the
U.S. government to save the whole U.S. economy from collapse.
   5. Oil companies disappeared from site; only a couple American owned companies left.
Exxon/Mobile and Hess still visible. Citco owned by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela; Shell Oil,
owned by the Dutch; BP British Petroleum advertising the name as beyond petroleum –
owned by the UK.
  6. Total collapse of Lehman Bros. (4th largest buyer of loans, lost 60 billion).  Only one
buyer (Barclays Bank of England) to purchase a small section of the company saving 7,000
jobs in the U.S.
  7.  Stock brokerage firms trying to save themselves. Bear/Sterns merged with J.P. Morgan
to free up capital and increase borrowing capacity.
  8. Goldman/Sachs and Morgan/Stanley converted as banks for greater borrowing
  9. Technology has moved and taken up residence in India and Philippines - Cheap labor.
10.  Shoe manufacturing remains in Italy except for running shoes which moved to Korea
and China. (The largest shoe manufacturer, Nike long ago moved to the Orient)
11.  Textile industry in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina packed up and moved
to China, Indonesia, Korea, and Mexico. Thousands of individuals dislocated.
12. American furniture manufacturers now in China. More than half the furniture made in
North Carolina and Virginia now made in China.
 13. In general, American Manufacturing has said adios and moved lock stock and barrel to
the orient.
 14. Environment – oceans and fish industry running out of salmon, sword-fish, tuna,
lobsters, crab, and what ever is good from the sea. The average tuna is now 60 pounds,
down from 200 lbs. twenty years ago. A tuna can cost as much as 20,000 dollars in Japan;
one recently sold at auction for $50,000.
 15. The poles are melting at an alarming rate as is Greenland. Adopt a penguin while they
are still around.
 16.  Even Hollywood has moved overseas, now filming in Spain, England, Canada, and of
all places, in the world’s largest sound studio, China.

In order for the culture to survive America has to take the Urantia book seriously by
constantly reassessing its values to maintain the “harmony and synchronicity” of the
material to the spiritual, for material values separated from spiritual insight will surely bring
us to the state of the Roman Empire when it took leave of the world social order. We will
disappear as fast as the Third Reich if we allow selfish interests to continue to rule without
regard to the future of our world.

(Pg. 1125)
“Organic evolution is a fact; purposive or progressive evolution is a truth which
makes consistent the otherwise contradictory phenomena of the ever ascending
achievements of evolution. The higher any scientist progresses in his chosen science, the
more will he abandon the theories of materialistic fact in favor of the cosmic truth of the
dominance of the Supreme Mind. Materialism cheapens human life; the gospel of Jesus
tremendously enhances and supernally exalts every mortal.”

The world is facing many challenges; we as a nation are financing many of the world’s
problems which are quickly contributing to our own economic demise. We can no longer
willy/nilly send monies to countries that can manage their own affairs. It costs millions, for
example, to maintain armies in Japan and Germany when both are capable of defending
themselves and since neither is likely to turn against us, why continue to spend the effort to
arm both countries - something initiated after the 2nd World War. It’s about as stupid as
keeping a northern army in the southern states to prevent another civil war against the

It was more than a fortuitous occurrence that we were supplied with social conditions on a
neighboring planet – we ought to be studying the conditions contributing to their success
and applying them where applicable to suit our own needs – to better our own lives by
contributing to a lasting world peace.

This is all apart of the Christian paradigm that HAS to work its way into industry if we are
ever to succeed as a viable part of the future civilization on our planet. Since the age of
industrialization we have become the most powerful nation on earth; in less than 50 years
we have surpassed every nation in the world and earned the title of the world’s leader, yet
in just as short a time period will we allow it all to slip away through a ship- shod attitude “of
easy come easy go”? We have been guilty in world interplay of dissimulation, falsehoods,
avarice, deceit, and all kinds of self-serving acts, while at the same time being by far the
most generous share-givers of the civilized world, and where if we are not careful will end up
giving the shop away through indiscriminate acts of kindness. We have given millions of
dollars away in food subsidies to places like India just to have the rodent population eat
90% of the food. We failed to monitor millions more sent to Mogadishu Africa just to allow
war lords to capture the food and sell it to the starving people – something finally
recognized as pork barrel spending - monies      frivolously given away with no appreciable
results due to a failure to oversee our projects to their final outcome.

Our problem is evident; we have failed miserably to harmonize the balance of the workplace
with ethics to supplant the avarice taking place throughout the country in the last several
decades. CEO’s and government officials under a guise of respectability have displaced the
Capone gangs of the ‘30’s, pillaging industry to placate stockholders, and company
employees. Most of the failures in government and industry are due to self serving interests
related to greed, power, and ego enhancement (self recognition). A study of the “Discourse
on Reality” (pgs. 1433-1436) should enlighten one as to what has been missing in the
secular order; or read our argument for reality in the report
“Synchronicity and Harmony”.
Everyone has certain self interests but when not tempered with a modicum of wisdom these
same self interests become selfish interests, self centered to the point of socio-pathology –
grab all that you can while you still can – the con of industry.  

“Selfish men and women simply will not pay such a price for even the greatest spiritual
treasure ever offered mortal man. Only when man has become sufficiently disillusioned by
the sorrowful disappointments attendant upon the foolish and deceptive pursuits of
selfishness, and subsequent to the discovery of the barrenness of formalized religion, will
he be disposed to turn wholeheartedly to the gospel of the kingdom, the religion of Jesus of
(Pg. 2083)

“The goal of human self-realization should be spiritual, not material. The only realities worth
striving for are divine, spiritual, and eternal. Mortal man is entitled to the enjoyment of
physical pleasures and to the satisfaction of human affections; he is benefited by loyalty to
human associations and temporal institutions; but these are not the eternal foundations
upon which to build the immortal personality which must transcend space, vanquish time,
and achieve the eternal destiny of divine perfection and finaliter service.”
(pg. 1096)

Mankind is simply out of sync and headed for total disillusionment if he doesn’t soon
embrace the teachings conveyed in the revelation. We simply have to learn from the
lessons set forth in our divine revelation – it has been given for a purpose and that purpose
is not entertainment. Now, more than ever, the world needs the guidance of the Urantia
book if we are ever to rise above our petty self interests.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch retired Lt. Col Pamela L. Burr (USAF) has purchased 900
Urantia books to be sent to armed service personnel and distributed abroad. Many have
been designated to chaplains and over stressed GI’s who will certainly benefit from
exposure to the Urantia teachings. Imagine being in the desert of Iraq or the mountains of
Afghanistan, stuck there for months without a Urantia book. What a Godsend is in store for
those lucky enough to receive one of the books. Pam has been a member of the URI since
its inception two years ago and a member of the Urantia Association of Florida for another
six years. We are fortunate to have such dedicated truth seekers as Pam who is willing to
share this revelation with their fellow servicemen. The cost of this endeavor is in excess of
$15,000 and I know all of us want our armed services personnel to receive what we all
regard as the most inspirational reading material on the planet.

Now, back at the oasis, the Grey Ghost has modified his web-site Satania 606 to include
some new material which is beautifully arranged and taken from the innovative works of Bill
Sadler’s inspired interpretation of the Master Universe. Those of you with internet service
can link to the site – it is magnificent – musical score and all. Google onto Urantiareadersintl.
com and then click on links.

I have added another essay –
“Making a Case for Christianity” which you might find
interesting and hopefully informative. Also Dennis Kidwell has produced a fascinating paper
on race from excerpts extrapolated from throughout the book. It is more or less a
compendium on much of the racial material presented in the book. Other social issues
referencing the need for selective propagation and control of degeneracy is discussed in
order to set the tone for social discourse on such subjects in the near future. It is a
summarization formatted in three general parts and comprises about 10 pages of well
arranged selections providing essential material that Urantia has yet to take seriously.

Joe Di Maggio, our back up web master who also manages the Grey Ghost’s site (Satania
606) and Halbert Katzen’s site (UB the News) is now the manager of the Forum site which is
http://www.urantia-uai.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=285 These discussions may run the
gamut of material throughout the book. They are discussion groups that discuss
spontaneous ideas originating from the Urantia book. The last and only discussion I read
was related to a statement in the book at the top of page 702 that states that as long as
there is ice at the poles we will never have another ice age. But the poles are melting so
fast, what happens when they completely melt? The book states that the ice age lasted
100,000 years and was about 20,000 feet deep. It snows continuously in an area for years.
Maybe it’s time to befriend an Eskimo or even a penguin – they thrive at 20 below. I think I’ll
take my penguin to the Antarctic for a crash course on how to survive inclement weather –
just kidding, I bought a seal instead, now I can go to either pole. Penguins don’t live in the
north, better off with a baby polar bear or a trained seal.
At any rate these discussions are often hypothetical for no one really knows when the poles
will completely melt and when a new ice age might appear. There might be a lapse of a
1,000 years before it even starts, and by that time we will have screwed up this planet so
badly that we’ll all be living somewhere in outer space.

I would encourage everyone to read the essay
“Synchronicity and Harmony” to get a deeper
understanding of why society is presently experiencing the problems that are rapidly
destroying our quality of life – conditions that will continue to escalate until such time we
squarely reassess the motives behind our unprecedented progress of the last several
decades, and until we remove the avarice, and restore balance to our secular activities
through the incorporation of higher values and genuine qualities as discussed on pages
1434 – 1435 of our revelation.
“Knowledge is a function of the non spiritual level; truth is a
phase of the mind-spirit level of the universe
. (Pg. 1435) We appear to continuously rack up
volumes of knowledge while at the same time denying all the truth contained in those  
volumes. Shouldn’t we be paying more attention to truths that are so clearly evident,
especially when they affect the entire planet?  All the conditions mentioned on page three of
this report were foreseeable, from immigration to emigration and all were preventable if
industry and government only took time to read the writing on the wall – took our revelation
seriously. Let’s get the word out. The secular order cannot survive without ethical guidance,
and the best guidance seems to be from a valid spiritual source in order to provide lasting
harmony in the workplace. We are no longer in a “chicken little situation”, we are at a
crossroads for survival. One can read more about this on
MATERIALISM (Pg. 2076), and
THE FUTURE (Pg. 2084). “No social system or political regime which denies the reality of
God can contribute in any constructive and lasting manner to the advancement of human
. (Pg. 2084)

God bless us all, including the Fellowship.     URI staff - Dick Ziglar, editor